Thursday, September 11, 2014

Philippe Petite tribute poem by Mackenzie

My poem is a tribute to the uplifting moment in Philippe Petite's life.  I found him very inspiring with his utmost desire to accomplish what he thought to be as impossible.  He conquered the impossible by walking via tight rope between the twin towers.  What he did was seen as crazy but amazing in the same sense.  Not many people would even attempt to accomplish such a dangerous task.  Which is why I found him so inspiring, I find it amazing what he did and he should still be recognized for this amazing event. The revisions I made consisted of adding lines and dropping them, fixing my diction, and fixing the spacing and placement of my poem. 

Dancing on Top of the World

They caught his eye,
Those beautiful Twin Towers
As he walked off the subway
Initial thought process was

The disguise of a delivery man
Guided to the top by elevator
Philippe Petite
Held a smile across his face.

Quarter of a mile high
One inch wire
One man
Eight crossings.

With happiness coming through him
And a minute of fear
He embarked on his journey
Forty-five minutes spent
“Dancing on top of the world”.

While I was concerned for his life
He was grinning.
While I was thinking “don’t fall, don’t fall”
He was lying on the wire smiling

The birds flew over him
As he was lying on the wire
Just living in the moment
He conquered the impossible
He conquered his dreams.


  1. I really liked how you talked about how inspiring you feel like Philippe is in your paragraph. It made me excited to read your poem. Your poem is awesome too. I love how you start it with the part about him getting off the subway. It tells the story so clear and good and makes me understand your thought process.

  2. Hey Mackenzie! I really like the emphasis you put on stanza 3, you made sure the feeling of his experience was nerve-racking. Throughout the poem I noticed the relationship you created between you and Philippe, which I enjoyed reading. Great work!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your poem, it's so easy to follow which created great pictures for me of Phillippe's story. I thought your last two lines were very powerful for how simple they are, it ends with a very bold tone that comes off as inspirational. Great poem.

  4. Hi Mackenzie! I really liked you poem, it was every interest poem and creative. also you create beautiful tittle in your poem.


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