Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration Two from Courtney Shaffer

Hi my name is Courtney Shaffer. I graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School, and I live about ten minutes away from Columbus State. I plan on transferring to main campus next year. I work at Rita's Italian Ice and I've worked there for three years. My fun fact on the first day of class was that every year my family tries to take one vacation together, but we always go somewhere new. I have one older sister that goes to Ohio State, and one younger brother that's still in high school.

The author that I chose to research is Frederick Douglass. The thing that I found most interesting about him was how he remarried to Helen Pitts, a white female, who was twenty years younger than him. His kids with his last wife, Anna Douglass, were extremely displeased with this relationship. I thought this was so interesting because back then it was already a controversy to marry someone of different race, but this women was also so much younger than him. I couldn't imagine what others thought of this. This is the link to the source that I used.

I chose to write about the poem For Brothers Everywhere. This was my favorite poem because I felt like it was easier to relate to. In this poem I noticed that there was a ton of simile's. I felt like every line I was reading had at least one. That was the language that stood out to me the most. I also had a lot of visualizations, which I liked a lot because it makes it easier to understand for me. I also noticed how there were certain things italicized. Are these things important? What's the reason for them being italicized?

The word I chose to research about from this poem is pivot. The most interesting thing I found out about this word in the OED is how many different meanings it has. I know the word, but I've only ever heard of it as a verb. To swing around a central point during a manoeuvre. The word also has other meanings such as a plant root to grow vertically downwards. That is spoken of as "pivoting". I've never heard to word used in this context before I thought that was interesting. I also found it interesting that this word goes all the way back to the year1841. Pivot used in a sentence of my own: She was sick of fighting with her sister, so she pivoted on her right foot and walked away.


  1. I liked your paragraph about Frederick Douglas and your facts about his life. I think we found similair things that interested us about him and it was nice to see facts that I was not aware of. I also enjoyed your explenation as to why you chose the poem you did. I can relate because I too like when I am able to visualize things that I am trying to understand and depict.

  2. I liked your first paragraph about Frederick Douglas, I knew about him being remarried to a white female, but did not know about the age difference, nor the fact that his children from his first marriage were very upset about their father being married to a white female. Great work, and thanks for the background information.

  3. I like how you were very factual about Frederick Douglas, and I also like how you talked about the poem that you read.

  4. Hey Courtney, That is awesome that you work Rita's Italian ice, Even if it is only a job that you do for a paycheck, It has to have it's fun moments. If that were me, I probably would have been fired by now for eating too much of the merchandise.So celebrate three years :-).

    In regards to Fredrick Douglass, the saying of "you learn something new everyday" comes to mind. I figured the shock of him remarrying a white woman, during that time, would have been the equivalent of the shot heard round world type of deal as far as society goes.

    I did not think about the impact remarrying someone else of a not only a completely different race than yourself but then then have your blushing bride to be 20 years older than you just be bordering on high levels of insanity for friends and family. I could only imagine the headache and aggravation that was pouring down from all sides in order for them to be together. While this is the year 2014, it is even sadder to see that people still act and react the very same way in various parts of the U.S.

  5. pivot is very important word, also i never heard before that was good chose. i liked the way you describe to us.


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