Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio add: Benjy Fournier and Alexis Evans

Benjy: Hey... (Awkward) my names Benjy... I was wondering if you wanted to go grab lunch or something....

Alexis: (makes sniffing sound)...EWWW no (dramatically)
Benjy: (In a sad voice) Dang, Why can’t I ever get girls?
Benjy: Hi i'm Benjy Fouriner and i’m the created of Sexyhot Detergent. I created this detergent 4 year ago because I was struggling to get girls. Like me, many men have a strong disgusting body odor that they don’t even know about. That’s why I created this state of the art detergent that sticks to your clothes to mask that disgusting man stench. Just ask one of my many users girlfriends.


Alexis: For the longest time I couldn’t bare to stand 5 feet away from my own boyfriend because of the gross man smell. Thanks to this revolutionary Sexyhot detergent, as long as he's wearing a shirt that was washed with the Sexyhot detergent, I now can’t bare to be without him.

Benjy: So guys, don’t scare away girls with the stench you might not know you have, Mask it! With Sexyhot detergent.

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