Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem by Courtney Shaffer

In the beginning of my poem, I tell the story of Philippe Petite and give information about the event. Things like, what he did, where he did it, and when he did it. My writing and idea process was to let people know the story, by adding figurative language to keep to audience interested. The very last stanza shares my reaction to how I felt and how he affected so many others lives. In my revision I had to add a title since I forgot, and I also added the last stanza about my reaction then. My poems goal is to try to make people think and realize that what Philippe did is so amazing and will never be done again.

He Was Not Afraid

Philippe always said
Dreams are essential.

At 6:00 on Tuesday August 6th
Everyone’s eyes were above them
As Philippe was looking down to them
1,360 ft in the air
In between the twin towers

People were looking up at him
In awe
As if he were the father of the twins.

He had a smile on his face
while everyone was thinking
He felt as if
they became his friends
He was overwhelmed with a sense of simplicity

Looking up to Philippe
like he was a diamond in the sky
he made me feel like
not only me
but the people around me
could all conquer our own dreams.


  1. Great job on your poem! like you said in your intro, I think your poem does a great job of showing how incredible what Phillippe did was. My favorite lines are the two quotes, "As if he were the father of the twins," and "like he was a diamond in the sky." these were great uses of figurative language.

  2. I love how you used "father of the twins" that's a really neat way to put it!! I also completley connect with your last stanza and how if he can conquer his crazy dream we all can conquer our own too. I really enjoyed your poem.

  3. The way you told the story of Philippe had me intrigued. The word impossible seemed to be a large contribution to his utmost desire to conquer the dream. I love that you said that they became his friends and how he was overwhelmed with a sense of simplicity. Great poem overall.

  4. I enjoyed how you spoke as if you were underneath Petit along with the crowd, watching as the event went on. Calling him "a diamond in the sky" was also very creative. Nice Poem!

  5. Great Job, I liked your comparison of how you thought that Phillip was "the father of the towers" never thought of it like that. You had very creative and good rhythm with your poem. I felt it was very similar to mine.


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