Thursday, September 11, 2014

Triumphant Madness - Jill Reed

I wrote my poem to share with people Phillipe's goal and dream. It was something not everyone would ever do or even dream of doing. I wanted to share the events leading up to his walk so that people could get a sense of the hard work and ambition that was put into this. In my second stanza it was about the day of his walk. What the weather was like, the height of the towers and the wire swaying. While I looked back at my poem I made many revisions. The first revision I made was to move my poem to the left side instead of having it in the middle. I also added a metaphor at the end of the poem. I also made minor changes with wording and lining.

Triumphant Madness
Two, tall, massive
Reminders of painful insanity.
A man with lofty, misguided yet
Relentless ambition.
In the belly of the beast
With an eight month project
Frantic with madness

Out of the darkness
In the cold morning fog
Aluminum, glass, steel, concrete
1,368 feet in the sky
Trespassing on a cable, connecting the towers
The wire balanced between boundaries
Swaying in the air
Like a tall tree in the chilly autumn breeze
Dancing on top of the world
Descending with reluctance
Philippe, the folk hero

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  1. I liked your tone and diction that you used. You really grasped what he was feeling I think. This felt like a tribute to him and his great actions.


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