Thursday, September 11, 2014

Justin Cygnor Philippe Petit Poem

Justin Cygnor
English 1110 @10:30
September 11, 2014

I decided to make my poem 2 stanzas long with 9 lines in each one. It describes the story of Philippe Petit and walks the reader through his journey. The first stanza talks about when Petit first identified the towers and decided to walk between the two.  As my revision to this stanza, I made the vocabulary stronger and added the alliterations "shaded subway", "sneaking and studying" and "scraping the sky". A metaphor included is "belly of the beast", which was also a phrase said by Petit in the documentary. The phrase "invading bird's space" is a figure of speech, describing how high he was over the city. 
The second stanza talks about the second half of Petit's adventure. Petit's hapiness, the crowds awe, and the charges against the act are all described. The reader can feel the intensity and excitement with the tone. In this stanza I also changed the vocabulary such as bewildered and unfazed. The phrase "desert island of his dream" was used in the documentary and describes how alone he was on top of the world. Passion, faith and focus was said by Petit, describing how he felt about his art of walking on wires I decided not to make the poem rhyme except for the very last line, which I named the poem after.

The Guy in the Sky
Out of the shaded subway tunnel and into the open
High above scraping the sky, the towers soared
Petit, 24, befriended the twins
and climbed into the belly of the beast
Sneaking and studying, he ascended to the top
Shooting his arrow with his bow, connecting the towers with a rope
7am, August 7th, 1974, invading birds space,
Philippe started over New York City
Walking, dancing, crawling, smiling

The crowd below with bewildered looks
Police on the south tower, speechless
Petit on the desert island of his dream
To the front page around the world
Inspiring others to believe there can cheat the impossible
Passion, faith, focus, keeping him in the air
Later charged with 14 misdemeanors, his happiness unfazed
Set free and into Central Park
Philippe Petit, the guy walking the sky

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  1. Cygnoy,

    I enjoyed your poem, and really liked your use of alliteration a couple times in your poem. I also admired the amount of detail you had in your poem and exceptional detail and vocabulary. Great job!

    Bryson Applegate


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