Thursday, September 11, 2014

Exploration: Poem on Petite, Benjy Fournier

The main point of my poem is to put emphasis on Petite following his dreams.  Personally, I think what he did was incredibly stupid; however, his message and reasoning for walking across the twin towers is powerful and should be admired.  This was his dream, and whether I think it was a good idea or not, I believe he should be admired for following his dreams.  The process I tried to follow while writing this was to describe what happened, and then write a stanza giving my opinion and analysis of what he did.  I liked doing it this way because it also allows me to portray the story how I would like.  For revisions, I added in two metaphors and changed some of my words to be more potent and powerful.  This added a little more flavor to my writing.

Follow Your Dreams
By: Benjy Fournier

The year was 1974
A young man with a big dream, to conquer,
The unthinkable, the undoable
But this great feat
Doesn’t faze the young man:
Philippe Petite

Many tries were attempted
All in vain
Petite would get caught,
Shut down
It must have driven him insane!

Finally the day came
The 6th of August 1974

He balanced out on the rope
Like a gymnast on the beam
Cautiously walked across once or twice
The crowed bellow started to gather and watch
As Philippe conquered his dream
That once seemed impossible

So high in the sky
Birds would fly by
Angered almost, as if someone was invading their space
But somehow, even when almost 1,400 feet in the air
Petite felt safe

He felt alive
Like a baby taking its first breaths
Much more alive than if he hadn’t completed his stunt
Because if he wouldn’t have completed this task
He would have felt himself die

What he did seems crazy and stupid to some
But his message should be admired by all
Dreams are essential
As essential as roads to walk
And food to eat
Whatever the dream is, follow it
And then one day, you too
Can dance on top of the world.

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  1. This poem was one of the better ones that I read. It was longer the most and that's why I think I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed reading your introductory paragraph and can see where you changed and edited your poem. My favorite part of the poem was at the end when you mentioned that one day we can all dance on top of the world. I believe it too. Good job!


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