Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration Two from Bryson

Hey Guys,

I'm Bryson, my fun fact was that I am a New England Patriots fan. My major is nutrition and I aspire to be a Physcian Assistant one day.

I don't have any photos of just me (selfies) but here is a photo from Facebook.

Frederick Douglass was an author that was addressed in the readings from class. A couple interesting facts I learned are that He wrote a best seller which was entitled "Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave". Douglass however, wrote more than just the one autobiography, he wrote 3. His mother was African American and his father was white... his father was also his slave owner, he was the product of a rape. Douglass also traveled to Ireland and lived there for two years, teaching and lecturing in chapels and churches. Frederick remarried after his wife passed away, he remarried to a white woman.

For more information on Frederick Douglass visit this link:


My favorite poem was Songs for the People, I really enjoyed the happiness the reading of this poem brings. The author seems to be a very optimistic person who is trying to find words and lyrics for everyone so that they can feel happy, forget about any war or pain or bad experience etc. In this poem the author is trying to encourage people to listen to music because it can take pain away and bring happiness to people. That people need music and happiness because it can bring change, and can make war and pain go way.

A word that I found that seemed to be important and essential to the poem Songs for the People was "strife". According to the Oxford English Dictionary strife is defined as "the action of striving together or contending in opposition; a condition of antagonism, enmity, or discord; contention, dispute." Strife, is an old French word. An example of this word in a sentence; The day was finally here, the Buckeyes kick off... Ohio State and Navy would strife on this sunny Saturday to prove who was the better football team.


  1. I also chose Songs for the People as my poem and I enjoyed what you had to say about it. I agree that it was very optimistic and that the poet was trying to make the audience feel better, whether it be a soldier or sick person. Also, I really enjoyed the sentence you used for your word. I am a big time Buckeye fan and am glad that they proved who was the best team through their strife last Saturday.

  2. Your major sounds very interesting! I am also interested in nutrition. I like your word chosen (strife) and the reference made to OSU football!

  3. You are absolutely right in believing strife was an important word in the poem. It explains the slaves' struggle to be unified and strive to achieve freedom. I loved how you used strife with the Ohio State Football team. You used strife in the sports aspect by showing how a sports team comes together to strive for a win, or in your words, prove who is the best.


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