Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post Your Brainstorming and Questions in Comments here. From Mike Lohre.

1. Students, please post your four ideas for Essay One in the Comments section here, and then explain which idea you believe is the best and that you wish to pursue for this essay.

2. Also include two good questions that you might ask anyone in an interview.  Make sure they are not yes/no questions.

* What is the American Dream to you? 
*What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced in your life, and how did you meet that challenge?

If we all brainstorm two good questions, then we can look at all of the questions in the comments here and put together a good list when we go out to do our interviews. 

Remember, every chance to write is a chance to write well!



  1. Jill Reed
    1. Hilton Head Island
    2. Short North
    3. Rising Park
    4. Johnny Depp
    5. Opera

    1. Why does this place appeal to you?
    2. What motivates you to do what you do?

    1. I am going to do my essay on Rising Park. I believe this is the best idea because it is not very well known but it is a very fun place to visit. It has a view of the whole city of Lancaster.

  2. 1. Barre3
    2. Miley Cyrus
    3. My boss
    4. Pittsburgh

    For this essay I'm using my first idea of Barre3. I believe this idea is the best because it's not well known. It's starting to become something bigger but not many people know about it and I think it will be interesting to inform others on it.

    1. What do you enjoy about this place so much?
    2. Why is this place different then other places similar to it?

  3. Chazz Hines
    1.Liberty Park
    2.The shoe "OSU"
    3.Miley Cyrus
    4.My manager
    5.My mom

    I feel that the #2 would be the best idea because then i'll be able to explain a story behind it and give a background as to what it is and what it has established. (others include #4 or #5)

    1. What is so special about this place or thing?
    2.What has been your biggest accomplishment in life?

  4. Justin Cygnor
    1. Columbus Dispatch
    2. Gahanna Lincoln school
    3. Wexner Med Center
    4. Southwest Airlines
    I plan on writing my essay on The Wexner Medical Center because it is a company tied into Ohio State that does research and improves the lives of others. My mom also works there so I will be able to interview her, her coworkers, and possibly her patients.
    Possible quesions:
    What do you enjoy most about your job? (worker)
    How do the employees here help you receive a sense of hospitality? (patient)

  5. 1.Kathy Watson (Grandma)
    2.Mark Ransom
    3.Akil Gore
    4.Kings Island

    I would love for everyone to get to know who my grandma was. Unfortunately she passed away two years ago but she was my biggest influence and role model. Her life was full of excitement and unexpected situations. Looking forward to writing about her.

    Questions: 1. What was my grandma like when she was just starting out as a mother?
    2. What was the toughest obstacle my grandma had to overcome?

  6. 1) The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
    2) Worthington Recreational Center
    3) Richard Ross
    4) Jack Hanna
    I plan on writing my essay on the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium because it is place that thousands of people visit everyday and seem to enjoy. I also work there, but I will be doing this paper as a guest at the zoo not as an employee.
    Possible questions:
    What makes you want to be a member of the Columbus zoo? (Member)
    How do you think the zoo could improve? (Anyone)

  7. Benjy Fournier
    1.Lifetime Fitness
    2. wexner medical center
    3. O'shaughnessy dam
    4. Hilton Head Island

    I chose to do my essay on Lifetime Fitness. This is the place I work and am there every single day working out. I plan to interveiw a couple regulars who I also see there every day and the department head of aquatics. My two questions are: What is your favorite part about Lifetime Fitness and What made you choose Lifetime over other gyms.

  8. Places
    1. Bengals Stadium
    2. My church
    1. My mom
    2. Michael Ohre

    I think my mom will be the best person for me to write a profile on because I personally know a lot about her, I can get input from other family members about her and also many of my friend's input too.

    1. Do you believe that their is some sort of good in everyone? Explain.
    2. How much do you think that the way we were raised, influences our personality and character when a person reaches their late twenties?

  9. My topic ideas include:
    1. The Park of Roses
    2. Olympic Pool
    3. Franklin Park Conservatory
    4. The Wexner Center

    For this essay I am going to pick the Park of Roses. I am picking it based off of my overall interest in the park and because it has been a major part of my community of Clintonville for several years. Two questions that I would ask would be:
    1. What was the purpose of starting the park?
    2. Who started the park and why?

  10. Profile Ideas:

    1. My Dad and the road it took to becoming a Doctor
    2. Posh Babies Baby Boutique (My Mother's store/business)
    3. Matern Ohio (My Stepfather's business)
    4. My Grandparents how they worked so hard to be where they are now

    Two Interview Questions:

    1. What was the toughest obstacle you had to overcome? Did you ever feel like giving up?
    2. Are you happy with how and where your life is today?

  11. 1. The Tuttle Crossing Mall
    2. Dublin Coffman High School
    3. Detective Marcus Blevins (Father)
    4. Kelli D'Souza

    Questions: 1. What inspired Kelli D'Souza to become a psychology teacher?

    2. Were there any major events in your life that pushed you to become an educator as a result?

  12. Places and People
    1) Willow Brook Christian Village
    2) Conways BBQ
    3) St. Mary's Church
    4) Julie Bardalang

    I believe Willow Brook would be the best topic for my paper because i work there so i have access to many difffrent resources. This will be able to provide a varatiy of veiws.

    1) Do you believe that most people enjoy there time spent here?
    2) What has being here taught you in life and has it changed you in anyway?

  13. 1.O'shaughnessy dam
    2.Corazon Fitness
    3.Dolphin Beach Tan
    4.Puerto Rico

    I think that Corazon Vita Fitness would be the best topic for my paper because i workout there on a daily basis. A range of different people go there, as this will work out well to provide my various amounts of viewpoints.
    1)Why did you pick this gym out of any others?
    2)Whats your favorite thing to do at Corazon?

  14. 1.My grandfather
    2. Craige
    3.My manager Uncle
    I think my grandfather is the best fit my topic because he has good experience and different life style, what i would ask him.
    what is life changing experience and how is that impact to you?
    what is the biggest thing you do in your life?

  15. 1) a Homeless couple
    2) Franklin Park Conservatory
    3) Park of Roses
    4) My Dad

    I am actually am a little torn on this, but I feel that overall that I will be doing the Franklin Conservatory. While is it is small, but I feel that it a home to to many different plnt species and right now the butterflies are coming out and showing off their wings and I thought that it would be interesting to learn more about it.

    2 questions:
    -- what is the cost of admission going toward?
    --Is the plants and butterflies native to U.S or are they from all around the world?

  16. Two independently owned shops:
    Yaourt Frozen Yogurt 3652 W Dublin Granville Rd.
    The Book Loft: 32 Rooms of Bargain books 631 S Third St.

    Two people:
    Lisa Marshall (my boyfriends mom)
    Andre Mashhadian (my dad)

    I've decided to write my essay about Lisa Marshall, a stay at home mother to her two children, Brian and Sarah.
    The angle I want to take in this is essay is to refute the preconceived notion that being a stay at home parent is an easy job.
    This topic is important to me because many people think that being a stay at home parent is not as demanding or even less significant than working in the corporate world. My essay will gather first hand information on the life of a stay at home parent and all the challenges that are met. It will also include information from those who have experienced a stay at home parent and of those who haven't.
    The goal of this essay is to provide the readers with authentic and significant facts of being a stay at home parent before making any conclusions of whether a corporate job is more demanding or challenging.

    Two questions:
    What challenges you as a person, how do you cope when you are faced with those challenges?
    What were goals you wanted to reach when you became a parent?

  17. 1. Goo Goo Car Wash
    2. Lavash Cafe
    3. Zafar Ahmed (Father)
    4. Mir Mahmood (30 year old cousin)

    I decided to write a profile about Lavash Cafe because they have many customers who I can easily interview. They also have staff who I can easily interview because of how kind and humble they are. Information such as customer reviews online can also be sourced for my profile.

    1. (To customer) Why do you choose to come to Lavash Cafe rather than other local restaurants?
    2. (To staff) What do you strive to do for your customers? How do the customers impact you?


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