Thursday, September 11, 2014

Philippe Poem by Chazz

My poem for Philippe Petit was an interesting one to write. I actually didn't find it difficult once I began brainstorming of different ideas. The writing idea that I immediately thought of was to put myself or someone else in the event that had occurred on that August day. I wanted to imagine what it would be like to actually be there, and to react in a way that I thought was necessary. The revisions that I made to my poem was to add some better word choices, and more lines, and to create a title that would relate to the event.

Poem: That Brave Man Up There

A clear August day
dashing down the street of New York
you suddenly hear someone say
“Hey look there’s a man up there”,
and you gaze in disbelief
observing from the bottom of the world trade center
How could it be?

More than 1300 feet
there stands a man in the air
a tiny little fragment of himself
who clearly had a dream
and lacked a sense of despair
and although his reason seems very unclear
“Hey everyone look, there’s a man up there”

Dancing, jumping, doing other tricks
How was it possible that he was doing something like this?
And yes, he was actually quite insane
But Philippe Petit was his name

"Fear is a lack of knowledge", Philippe would scream
and everyone in their life has a dream 
whether it's big or small,
it will fit somewhere along the seam


  1. Wow that was amazing! It was interestingfrom the view of a averge New Yorker. I espically love the ryhmes in the poem. they flowed perfectly! I have to say my favorite was " and although his reason seems very unclear / 'Hey everyone look, there's a man up there'' That got a laugh out of me, but in nothing but a good way! Great poem!

  2. Hey Chazz, I enjoyed reading you poem,the way you did the rhymes and stanza was amazing. your last line was my favorite rhythm.


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