Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pettit Poem by Rishat

This poem was written from the perspective if a New York City citizen. The poem describes the observation from the citizen who is 417 meters below Pettit, hence the name of the title. As I looked at the conventions, or the typical "rules" or "norm" of a poem, I noticed my poem was missing some of the conventions. I did not use much metaphor or figure of speech. My revised poem corrects that. I also have added a couple rhymes.

417 Meters Below
By Rishat Ahmed
Is it a bird, is it a plane?
It's a man!
But how can this be?
How can this man be floating in between
the Twin Towers?
This is impossible.
This man is possessed.
There is no way
a man could ever walk between two enormous skyscrapers
on what seems to be
a rope!

Why is he doing this?
He must be insane
or have damage to his brain.
Is August 7th some kind of fun holiday?
A daredevil day?
These are the two tallest buildings
in Manhattan,
in New York,
in the United States.
What is this?
My faint heart!
He was lancing,
and now he's dancing.
He's dancing like a joyful monkey.

It hit me what was going on
Why he was doing this
417 meters above the ground
He's in the sky,
massaging the clouds,
talking to the blue jays,
and fulfilling
his life desires.



  1. Rishat, your poem was definitely comical for me. My favorite line would have to be "Is it a bird or a plane?" I immediately thought of Superman. In retrospect, I would think that a lot of New Yorkers would react just like that when they first saw him up there. Like something out of a comic book. The unexpected line of "dancing like monkey" brought a smile to my face as I could visually see that happening while he was on the wire. I thought you did a good job.

  2. Your poem was very enjoyable to read! I liked the line where you said "is August 7th some kind of dare devil day." A good question, considering his idea was very risky. Goodwork!


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