Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem by alexis evans

In the start of my poem, I talk about Philippe Petit and the background infomation about the day he achieved the goal of walking between the Twin Towers. Then throughout the poem, I talk about the dream he had and how once the towers were still standing until the tragic day in 2001. Philippe is now famous for his illegal doing of walking between the two buildings. For my revison of the poem, I added a title which I made "Near to Impossible." I chose this title because it is a true title with this goal he once had. In everyones eyes im sure at the time it was near to impossble, but he proved them wrong. The other revision I made on my poem was to add more of my reaction to it by saying, "crazy in my eyes to believe something like this was even possible."

Near to Impossible

Just a normal day in the city
New York city
on the morning of August 7th, 1974
shortly after 7:15
1,360 feet below
there stood hundreds of people
astounded by what they were witnessing.

There was Philippe Petit,
who thought his dream was near to impossible
this dream of his was in fact to
be within the birds territory
high above in between the Twin Towers.

The towers that were once still here
standing tall
110 stories tall
the highest structure in the country
in 1974.

Here, in this very moment
crazy in my eyes to believe something like this was even possible,
now gaining fame for his illegal work,
the World Trade Center walk
Philippe achieved this immense goal.

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  1. Hey Alexis, great poem! I love the title the most about the poem and I think your description of the title in you introduction is perfect. The poem as a whole reminds me of a narrator in a documentary, whick is a good thing. Great poem!


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