Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration Two: Alexis Evans

Hi my name is Alexis Evans. Im from Dublin, Ohio and graduated from Dublin Jerome High School. My fun fact that I shared on Thursday was that I can lick my elbow. I have a part time job as a nanny. I hope and plan on doing well enough to go to Columbus campus next year and am currently exploring/undecided on my major. 

The author I chose to research about was Eudora Welty. Eudora was born in 1901 in Jackson, Mississippi. Eudora's first publication was a short story called “Death of a Traveling Salesman", which people would call “one of the best stories they have ever read.” Throughout Eudora's lifetime more of her stories became more known and then published. Her achievements were not only the books she wrote, but as well as the pictures she had taken earlier on. Eudora had her first photograph book called "One Time, One Place" published in 1971. Later on in her career she began to appear on many televised interviews and also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the French Legion of Honor. Eudora Welty lived a long life as a well known literary celebrity who passed away after cardio-pulmonary failure on July 23, 2001. http://eudorawelty.org/biography/

Out of the poems we had to read for class, my favorite was Songs for the People, written by Frances E.W. Harper. This poem had a more positive attitude when looking and dealing with certain issues. Rather then complaining about the battles everyone had to face, Frances wrote it more with a joyous outlook and language.  Personally, I believe it is always a good thing to look at the positives of life and being more lively, which this author chose to do, rather then getting caught up in the lousy issues.

The word I liked most in the poem Songs for the People was "jangle". Jangle is defined as to chat or to jabber. Jangle is a noun.The sentence I made up to go with my word is "Stop the jangle people!" I chose this word because it is an outlandish kind of word. Something interesting I found out about the word jangle is that the etymology is middle english. Middle english is in the time period between the late 12th and late 15th century.


  1. I like word of Jangle the way you explain in the Paragraph.i think this is great word.

  2. Great post Alexis! In your second paragraph you talk about how Welty's first publication was "Death of a Traveling Salesman." I found this interesting because last year in high school, we watched a play called "Death of a salesman" by Aurthur Miller. He wrote this in 1985, so well after Welty;but, I wonder if these stories have anything in common?

  3. Hey Alexis! In your first paragraph you shared that you are a nanny. I know how nice of a job that can be! I used to be a nanny too. I chose the same word from "Song for the People"! I like the sentence you made up, straight to the point!

  4. Hi Alexis, Songs For The People was my favorite poem too and for the same reasons you stated in your post. I thought it gave off a positive energy and a sense of hope in a time that it didn't seem to be very easy to feel hopeful. I enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Hiya Alexis, I am sure you have heard this a lot but it really is true the being undecided in what you want your major to be is never a bad thing, just so that you know. OSU will definitely help you out while your trying to discover what you want to do. Some day you will just know it.

    Wow, I did not know that Eudora Welty wrote the the first publication for Death of a salesman. I, remember when I was younger, my parents took me to see the Broadway adaption of the story. I don't remember much other than there was a sense of sadness through out.

    I couldn't not agree more with you about saying positive and the theme of the poem. It actually takes less energy to be happy than to be mad and frustrated with everything. Not to say that its not going to happen, which unavoidable at times. But if you can find an outlet like music or going to the gym to blow off some of that frustration it does change your outlook and energy level. which is a nicer bonus than doing nothing and letting it weigh you down.


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