Thursday, September 25, 2014

Profile of DJ Gregory, posted by Mike for response Comments

Here is a profile of DJ Gregory made for the ESPN series.

Please watch and watch actively.  Take a few notes.

  • Look for images or details that others might not notice.
  • Think about the questions being asked and the sources used to get this story.
  • Listen for key ideas and notable things that are said.  Jot them down.

After watching the profile, use your notes and in the Comments section, respond by addressing these questions:

1) Share with us something from your active listening and viewing that you noticed that others may not have.  Something said? An image? Use your notes to share something.
2) What is the purpose of this profile? What feelings or ideas did you take away from it?
3) Connection to your life.  Does DJ remind you of anyone in your life? Do you have a friend or family member who has a disability or even a 'crazy' dream that reminds you in some way of DJ?

DJ Gregory on the PGA tour.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Amanda Bracey and Caitlin Mashhadian: Logos Ad for sneakers

Logos Ad for sneakers by Amanda Bracey and Caitlin Mashhadian

“Girl, I’m so tired of buying sneakers that wear out within the six months I have them, I’ve decided to go barefoot.”

“Excuse me, I couldn’t help but over hear your dilemma. I know that the New York times suggest that we change our shoes in between 6 months to a year, however, I think I have an answer for you. These Skechers have the latest technical advance in memory foam. Making your feet happy.”

“That must have cost a fortune.”

“No worries, these only cost 39.95.”

“Wow, I’ll have to buy a pair!”

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio Ad Fathia and Asya

“I got shampoo in my baby’s eyes AGAIN! I’m never going to use this shampoo again.”
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Ad Script from Mackenzie and Collin

Billy: This is Billy here! Bringing you the latest and greatest Rayban sunglasses!
Gilly: Oh Billy those sunglasses look so rad!
Billy: Well you can own a pair too!  When you call 614-782-5496, you can mention my name and this ad an receive an extra pair of sunglasses, FREE! With the order of one pair of Rayban sunglasses.
Gilly: Oh wow that's a great deal, tell me more!
Billy: You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to fit your personality!
Gilly: Oh! Do you have a pair of purple ones by chance?
Billy: I sure do! .... Try Em' on for size!
Gilly: These feel great Billy, it's like they were made for me, they're so elegant!
Billy: And they're only $19.95, plus shipping and handling.  So secure your pair of RayBan sunglasses now!

Radio add: Benjy Fournier and Alexis Evans

Benjy: Hey... (Awkward) my names Benjy... I was wondering if you wanted to go grab lunch or something....

Alexis: (makes sniffing sound)...EWWW no (dramatically)
Benjy: (In a sad voice) Dang, Why can’t I ever get girls?
Benjy: Hi i'm Benjy Fouriner and i’m the created of Sexyhot Detergent. I created this detergent 4 year ago because I was struggling to get girls. Like me, many men have a strong disgusting body odor that they don’t even know about. That’s why I created this state of the art detergent that sticks to your clothes to mask that disgusting man stench. Just ask one of my many users girlfriends.


Alexis: For the longest time I couldn’t bare to stand 5 feet away from my own boyfriend because of the gross man smell. Thanks to this revolutionary Sexyhot detergent, as long as he's wearing a shirt that was washed with the Sexyhot detergent, I now can’t bare to be without him.

Benjy: So guys, don’t scare away girls with the stench you might not know you have, Mask it! With Sexyhot detergent.

Cameron and Madison's Radio Ad

Madison: (Yawn)
Madison: Morning hun, what can I do for you this morning?

Cameron: Wow, you're in a good mood, sleep good?

Madison: Oh yeah, we owned the all new Chevy Dream.

Cameron: The Chevy Dream? The all new, 4-wheel, 2-ton, Chevy Dream?

Madison: Yes, the all new, 4-wheel, 2-ton, Chevy Dream!

Cameron: Well if this is what it takes for you to wake up in such a great mood, it's your lucky month.

Madison: Lucky month?

Cameron: The Chevy Dream is on sale all month for only 199 or 0% APR for 60 months.

Madison: Because I woke up in a good mood we can go get the brand new Chevy Dream? A hot 4-wheel, 2-ton, truck can be ours for just 199 or 0% APR for 60 months?

Cameron: Taking advantage of the mood while I can.

Madison: Chevy Dreams  do come true!

Cameron: Get your Chevy Dream today
                199 or 0% APR for only 60 months
                Visit your Chevy dealer toady!

Liz Williams, Justin Cygnor and Bryson Applegate Radio Ad

Nike Air

Do you want to be the fastest kid on the playground? Use Nike Air
Do you hope to be the swiftest kid on the basketball court? Use Nike Air
Do you wish to be like Lebron in the big leagues? Use Nike Air
Grow up with the best sneakers in town to be the best in town. Use Nike Air

Car Wash Pathos Ad Script - Rishat Ahmed and Nathan Nagler


N: Neighbor!
R: How are you Nathan?
N: No good. I'm jealous of your life.
R: Uhh..
N: How do you have such a hot girlfriend, amazing job, and you're always smiling? What is your secret?
R: Do you wanna know my secret?
N: Yes!
R: Do you really wanna know?
N: Yes!!
R: Do you really really really wanna know?
R: I go to Mirror Image Express 3 Minute Car Wash. My girlfriend loves my whip, my boss thinks I'm organized and clean, and I love seeing myself smile in the car's mirror-like paint!

Announcer: Mirror Image Car Wash. Three minutes of your time, an investment to drastically upgrade your life!

Radio Ad-Logos for sunglasses. Jill, Courtney, Chazz

Logos For Sunglasses
Rayban Sunglasses Ad

Are you tired of breaking your sunglasses? And having smudge marks on your lenses? Now you can be worry free while you wear Raybans.

With your new and improved anti-finger print and smudge Raybans lense, your lenses will be 99.9% smudge free. 

Not only will your Raybans be smudge free but you will never have to worry about your Raybans breaking again. Our bendable frame insures you that you can easily bend your Raybans.

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So get yours today by stopping in at your local Sunglass Hut 

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Post Your Brainstorming and Questions in Comments here. From Mike Lohre.

1. Students, please post your four ideas for Essay One in the Comments section here, and then explain which idea you believe is the best and that you wish to pursue for this essay.

2. Also include two good questions that you might ask anyone in an interview.  Make sure they are not yes/no questions.

* What is the American Dream to you? 
*What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced in your life, and how did you meet that challenge?

If we all brainstorm two good questions, then we can look at all of the questions in the comments here and put together a good list when we go out to do our interviews. 

Remember, every chance to write is a chance to write well!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Links for Bryson from Mike

Bryson, here are a couple of videos (one just a very popular song video made by profile filmaker Ben Dowden, the other a profile documentary on Dub FX).  Watch them and listen and watch the short documentary closely.
  • What do you learn in this profile?  
  • What images, clips, or photos stand out? 
  • What things that are said are most memorable to you?  Why?

Put your comments in answer to these questions below this post in the Comments.  Thanks!


Dub FX and Flower Fairy  this is his most popular song on YouTube, done with another busker (street musician) named Mr. Woodside.   this is the documentary you should write Comments for.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

poem by Asiya

the poem about Philippe Petite  was good strangely I every wrote and very interested . My poem did not take me so long to write when I watch the video. I wrote in the class quickly I could write the poem. It was good experience to write Philippe made me write more poems. Revising was not hard while you started the poem. You will remember everything in your mind. Seeing someone up in the air, inspiring me, we could do more things. 

Looking Forward Dangerous life

 Philippe climbed New York Twin Tower in 1974.
Everyone though he was crazy, but
He was brave and faithful man.
Seen someone on the cloud,
Makes me emotionless
My hand was shriving.
When he climb on the top on of the building
My heart went down.
Philippe was tire and lack of balance
Imaging he f fall down,
It was sorrow, painful and sleepless.

Philippe moving his legs,
Everyone was in tier mind.
Looking Philippe was walking twin tower like airplane,
Makes me cold like cloud.
He said, “I saw my eyes went red.”
His legs was moving like toddler kid
Doing something like that he put himself a risk of death.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem by Liz Williams

The remarkable steps in which Philippe Petite took in order to achieve his dreams are more than noteworthy, however the steps that he took between the Twin Towers are ones of magic. My poem describes the steps that he took, the audience that he had gazing up at him and the extreme emotion that went into this extreme endevour. I decided to try and describe the time in which the event happened, my feelings toward it and the incredible outcome.

A Dream as Big as Two Towers
Once there was a man on a wire
Balancing between two towers in the air
Philippe Petite carried his entire life before him
Dancing and smiling without fear
With an echo of more than 1,000 cheering below him
He felt as though he were dancing on top of the world
The velvet coated audience was mesmerized and spellbound
Watching a once in a lifetime view most could only describe with a single word
He lifted the spirits of the New York people
For they had never seen anything like it before
I then realized the significance of his action
He broke down what was then an unimaginable door
Philippe moved with such grace and elegance
I thought as if I were watching a remarkable show
With the gods of wind, tower and wire on his side
Even the police could see his passionate glow
He was overwhelmed with the simplicity of his dream
Having absolute faith in his steps to come
As he walked on air and looked at what he had in front of him
He realized he needed this dream to live, and he devotedly succumbed.

Poem by alexis evans

In the start of my poem, I talk about Philippe Petit and the background infomation about the day he achieved the goal of walking between the Twin Towers. Then throughout the poem, I talk about the dream he had and how once the towers were still standing until the tragic day in 2001. Philippe is now famous for his illegal doing of walking between the two buildings. For my revison of the poem, I added a title which I made "Near to Impossible." I chose this title because it is a true title with this goal he once had. In everyones eyes im sure at the time it was near to impossble, but he proved them wrong. The other revision I made on my poem was to add more of my reaction to it by saying, "crazy in my eyes to believe something like this was even possible."

Near to Impossible

Just a normal day in the city
New York city
on the morning of August 7th, 1974
shortly after 7:15
1,360 feet below
there stood hundreds of people
astounded by what they were witnessing.

There was Philippe Petit,
who thought his dream was near to impossible
this dream of his was in fact to
be within the birds territory
high above in between the Twin Towers.

The towers that were once still here
standing tall
110 stories tall
the highest structure in the country
in 1974.

Here, in this very moment
crazy in my eyes to believe something like this was even possible,
now gaining fame for his illegal work,
the World Trade Center walk
Philippe achieved this immense goal.

Philippe Poem by Chazz

My poem for Philippe Petit was an interesting one to write. I actually didn't find it difficult once I began brainstorming of different ideas. The writing idea that I immediately thought of was to put myself or someone else in the event that had occurred on that August day. I wanted to imagine what it would be like to actually be there, and to react in a way that I thought was necessary. The revisions that I made to my poem was to add some better word choices, and more lines, and to create a title that would relate to the event.

Poem: That Brave Man Up There

A clear August day
dashing down the street of New York
you suddenly hear someone say
“Hey look there’s a man up there”,
and you gaze in disbelief
observing from the bottom of the world trade center
How could it be?

More than 1300 feet
there stands a man in the air
a tiny little fragment of himself
who clearly had a dream
and lacked a sense of despair
and although his reason seems very unclear
“Hey everyone look, there’s a man up there”

Dancing, jumping, doing other tricks
How was it possible that he was doing something like this?
And yes, he was actually quite insane
But Philippe Petit was his name

"Fear is a lack of knowledge", Philippe would scream
and everyone in their life has a dream 
whether it's big or small,
it will fit somewhere along the seam

A French Trespasser to an American Hero by Nathan

     For my poem I wanted to keep the same style for each of my lines. I wanted to start the sentence with with either a A or An, and focus on one object at a time. I tried to expierment with my peom and see if I could make my poem enjammed, but when it was finished I wasn't as happy with the results as I was the finished poem. Another style I tried to use in my peom was no punctuation, instead I wanted the lines to be the stopping points for the reader. As par of my revisions I added who stated the quotes in the poem instead of just having the quotes by themselves. In addition I changed some of the words I used to expland the diction and added a few more lines. I hope you all enjoy the poem.
A French Trespasser to an American Hero

A dream to walk in the sky between two buildings
A goal to be a bird among the clouds
An idea that seem impossible
A strategy created by breaking into the twin towers

A complex plan with a bunch of simplicity

An obsession made a reality

 A rope 1,368 feet in the air

A fearless, fun filled, French man

A crowd of people gathered to watch from below

“An echo of people cheering and screaming” says Philippe Petit

A man on a rope for 45 minutes

A rope with a man crossing it 8 times

A view like no other in the world

A call to the police to make sure there is no splat

An officer greeted to a man floating in the sky

“A tightrope dancer because you couldn’t call him a walker” says an officer

A man trespassing on a bird’s land, and the knowledge that it’s time to leave

A crime charged with 14 misnomers, but all charges dropped

A French trespasser to an American hero

Pettit Poem by Rishat

This poem was written from the perspective if a New York City citizen. The poem describes the observation from the citizen who is 417 meters below Pettit, hence the name of the title. As I looked at the conventions, or the typical "rules" or "norm" of a poem, I noticed my poem was missing some of the conventions. I did not use much metaphor or figure of speech. My revised poem corrects that. I also have added a couple rhymes.

417 Meters Below
By Rishat Ahmed
Is it a bird, is it a plane?
It's a man!
But how can this be?
How can this man be floating in between
the Twin Towers?
This is impossible.
This man is possessed.
There is no way
a man could ever walk between two enormous skyscrapers
on what seems to be
a rope!

Why is he doing this?
He must be insane
or have damage to his brain.
Is August 7th some kind of fun holiday?
A daredevil day?
These are the two tallest buildings
in Manhattan,
in New York,
in the United States.
What is this?
My faint heart!
He was lancing,
and now he's dancing.
He's dancing like a joyful monkey.

It hit me what was going on
Why he was doing this
417 meters above the ground
He's in the sky,
massaging the clouds,
talking to the blue jays,
and fulfilling
his life desires.


Poem about Philippe Peite By Fathia

     The entire time I wrote this poem I just thought about what it would be like in his shoes. All the thoughts and emotions that he must have been feeling, and thinking about. I titled my poem Walking on Air, because I think that’s what the people below would have thought. It’s not every day that you get to see a person on the high wire.

Walking on Air

Thousands of feet
Above ground
Nothing in sight
Bu the gleaming building
Obstructed by floating clouds     But
Oh how beautiful it is!
Nothing has felt as
Right as this
The simplicity
The elegance
This is what dreams are made of.

The clouds are drifting away
Close enough to touch
Perhaps I should move along
The bird’s eye     Glaring
down at me
Never would I imagine
Walking across the sky
Fear is nothing
But a lack of knowledge.

It seems impossible
This task at hand
I wonder
What those below thought
It must have been beautiful
To watch
The man
Walking on air.
What a memorable day
That August day
Dream big      Because
Dreams are essential.

Bryson Twin Towers Poem

Bryson Applegate
Twin Towers Poem

The idea behind my poem was to make it a simple and short read, and to capure the struggles that Phillip went through in achieving this goal. I wrote my poem in 4 stanzas and my lines short. I was hoping to caputer a dramatic and suprising tone, leaving lots of pauses and suspense leading up to the moment that Phillip walked across the wire. I chose 4 stanzas hoping to show a difference in subject changes.  My revisions included some punctuation changes to capture some more pausing and to slow the speed down. My last big revison was a line added in the second stanza to explain why Philllip had to use a bow and arrow to secure his wire between the towers.

Phillip and the Towers


The year was 1974,

Phillip Petit a high wire artist

Had passion

With a goal

Not one goal, but two

A walk between…

The Twin Towers


8 months of sneaking

Preparation and dedication

The moment arrived…

He stood on the South tower

With a bow and arrow in hand

The only possible way to secure the wire

It was time,

The wire was in place


1 inch of wire,

Between him and the pavement

He walked 8 times in 45 minutes

Smiling, dancing, and happy

Phillip danced…

On top of the world


Phillip Petit a man of bravery and dedication,

Surprised the world,

And inspired many

Justin Cygnor Philippe Petit Poem

Justin Cygnor
English 1110 @10:30
September 11, 2014

I decided to make my poem 2 stanzas long with 9 lines in each one. It describes the story of Philippe Petit and walks the reader through his journey. The first stanza talks about when Petit first identified the towers and decided to walk between the two.  As my revision to this stanza, I made the vocabulary stronger and added the alliterations "shaded subway", "sneaking and studying" and "scraping the sky". A metaphor included is "belly of the beast", which was also a phrase said by Petit in the documentary. The phrase "invading bird's space" is a figure of speech, describing how high he was over the city. 
The second stanza talks about the second half of Petit's adventure. Petit's hapiness, the crowds awe, and the charges against the act are all described. The reader can feel the intensity and excitement with the tone. In this stanza I also changed the vocabulary such as bewildered and unfazed. The phrase "desert island of his dream" was used in the documentary and describes how alone he was on top of the world. Passion, faith and focus was said by Petit, describing how he felt about his art of walking on wires I decided not to make the poem rhyme except for the very last line, which I named the poem after.

The Guy in the Sky
Out of the shaded subway tunnel and into the open
High above scraping the sky, the towers soared
Petit, 24, befriended the twins
and climbed into the belly of the beast
Sneaking and studying, he ascended to the top
Shooting his arrow with his bow, connecting the towers with a rope
7am, August 7th, 1974, invading birds space,
Philippe started over New York City
Walking, dancing, crawling, smiling

The crowd below with bewildered looks
Police on the south tower, speechless
Petit on the desert island of his dream
To the front page around the world
Inspiring others to believe there can cheat the impossible
Passion, faith, focus, keeping him in the air
Later charged with 14 misdemeanors, his happiness unfazed
Set free and into Central Park
Philippe Petit, the guy walking the sky

Poem by Courtney Shaffer

In the beginning of my poem, I tell the story of Philippe Petite and give information about the event. Things like, what he did, where he did it, and when he did it. My writing and idea process was to let people know the story, by adding figurative language to keep to audience interested. The very last stanza shares my reaction to how I felt and how he affected so many others lives. In my revision I had to add a title since I forgot, and I also added the last stanza about my reaction then. My poems goal is to try to make people think and realize that what Philippe did is so amazing and will never be done again.

He Was Not Afraid

Philippe always said
Dreams are essential.

At 6:00 on Tuesday August 6th
Everyone’s eyes were above them
As Philippe was looking down to them
1,360 ft in the air
In between the twin towers

People were looking up at him
In awe
As if he were the father of the twins.

He had a smile on his face
while everyone was thinking
He felt as if
they became his friends
He was overwhelmed with a sense of simplicity

Looking up to Philippe
like he was a diamond in the sky
he made me feel like
not only me
but the people around me
could all conquer our own dreams.