Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration Two from Fathia

        Hi my name is Fathia Mohamed. My fun fact was that I have a crazy fear of birds. I know its a weird fear but it all started in middle school when the Columbus Zoo came. They had tons of different animals, and lots of birds. Including a giant owl. I was sitting at the back, and I'm  sure the owl and I made eye contact before it flapped its wings at me. It was almost as if the owl was trying to attack me. Ever since that day, I figured that all birds hated me, and that their goal is to slowly peck at me until I die.

       I chose to do my research on Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland as an only child. When her parents died she lived with her aunt and uncle. After she left school, she worked in a house for a Quaker family, where she was able to gain access to many different kinds of books. She traveled through the states as a traveling speaker. There she helped some slaves escape through the underground railroad. Throughout the years she received many titles such as the vice president of the National Association of Colored Women and director of The American Association for Colored Youth.

     One of the poems I really like is Songs for the People by Frances Harper. I think one of the reasons why I like it is because it reminds me so much of The Star Spangled Banner. It's one of those songs that no matter what your age is, or where you're from it unites you. It makes you feel like you're part of the country. The language stood out mostly when she said " Let me make songs for the weary, amid life's fever and fret". My only question would be why she wrote this poem. Was it because of the Civil War? Or did she write the poem for something entirely different.

      My favorite word from the poem was careworn. The most interesting fact about this word is that its another way of saying worry, or mental suffering.Its used to describe worries over a prolonged period. This word  came from the German language around 1820 to 1830.
Many military families have a careworn expression listening to the news.


  1. Wow I love the connection to the Star Spangled Banner. I also choose "Songs for the People" as my favorite poem, but while I was reading I never made that connection. Now that you mention the Star Spangled Banner I can totally see a huge resemblance! I also love that you described that word it was probably my second favorite in the poem and I was interested to find out what the word meant.

  2. Fathia, I like all your post and your fear of birds fun fact made me smile. For the most part I think birds are our good friends and I really like them. I like your word careworn, too. When trouble goes on for a long time, I see many people take on a careworn look. Good job!


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