Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bryson Twin Towers Poem

Bryson Applegate
Twin Towers Poem

The idea behind my poem was to make it a simple and short read, and to capure the struggles that Phillip went through in achieving this goal. I wrote my poem in 4 stanzas and my lines short. I was hoping to caputer a dramatic and suprising tone, leaving lots of pauses and suspense leading up to the moment that Phillip walked across the wire. I chose 4 stanzas hoping to show a difference in subject changes.  My revisions included some punctuation changes to capture some more pausing and to slow the speed down. My last big revison was a line added in the second stanza to explain why Philllip had to use a bow and arrow to secure his wire between the towers.

Phillip and the Towers


The year was 1974,

Phillip Petit a high wire artist

Had passion

With a goal

Not one goal, but two

A walk between…

The Twin Towers


8 months of sneaking

Preparation and dedication

The moment arrived…

He stood on the South tower

With a bow and arrow in hand

The only possible way to secure the wire

It was time,

The wire was in place


1 inch of wire,

Between him and the pavement

He walked 8 times in 45 minutes

Smiling, dancing, and happy

Phillip danced…

On top of the world


Phillip Petit a man of bravery and dedication,

Surprised the world,

And inspired many

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