Thursday, September 11, 2014

Madison Bridges: Poem

  This Poem is about Phillippe Petite fulfilling his dream to tightrope between the twin towers in New York. My ideas came straight from my active notes I took in class while watching his story on YouTube. You'll see that in my poem I use a lot of his own descriptions and feelings that he expressed while explaining his experience. For my revisions I decided to make some of the quotes italicized lines instead. I also broke up my last stanza into two by making the last two lines their own stanza.
Boundaries by Madison Bridges

He said his dream was as big as the towers themselves.

It was.

He studied it for months.

He trespassed it.

He stared at Wall Street,

1,360 feet high from it.

He stared from Wall Street,

1,360 feet up at it.

“Impossible. I’ll do it.”


Nine- Seven- Nineteen Seventy-four.


A two-hundred foot long air dance.


Echoes from the audience of the floating man.

Most beautiful.

The bird’s eye’s marking his territory.

Security on both sides of the dream.

Still continuing to live it for a while longer.

Then the intuition to close the curtain.


To him it was essential.

The punishment wasn’t even a slight worry,

and later dismissed even.


Life wasn’t considerable without doing this.

Balancing on the boundaries of life’s limits is where we find ourselves.


  1. I enjoyed reading this poem because the lines were short and straight to the point but also powerful. It really describes the event and allows the reader to feel the intensity of what is going on.

  2. I agree with Justin. Your poem was short and concise. It was amazing and it seemed as though you were able to get inside his head, and figure out what he was thinking. Its a balance between Philippe and the crowd below.


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