Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exploration two Asiya

Hi I'm Asiya Mohamud. I’m from Somalia. I graduated Westerville South High School. I'm studying Medical Lab- tech. My fun fact was reading stories. Everyday read different kinds books enjoy a lot reading .I did not like sitting somewhere doing nothing. I want make myself busy.

The author that I chose to learn more about his detail was Frederick Douglass. He was African American social reform, orator and writer. He was hard work. He got a lot punishment to learn property English language. He never gives up until he reached his goal. He was hero and brave man. He fought freedom to his people. He did not like ignore people.  His famous quote I like was “once you learn to read you will be forever free.” That was true statement because if you don’t know the language how to read and how to write you could not complete with people you lived.

The poem I read in class was Bury Me in a Free Land that was nice poem I had ever read. It was Clearly poem everyone in the world could feel.  I could actually feel the emotion about this poem and how important to us.  When I read it hurt my feeling.
 my favorite in the poem was " i could not rest if heard the tread of a coffle gang to the shambles led" it showed to me how she was scary the slaveholder. she did not have better life in her childhood.she could not rest and sleep like she was jail.  


  1. In your last paragraph, I like how you used that quote to exemplify the sorrow and the fear that Harper was living with at the time of this poem. She took up a lot of space in this poem to reflect on the situations that came about because of slavery. With these examples, it's easier to come to a realization about just how painful it was to live as a slave. She paints a picture for you with her words, and your quote quote demonstrates that perfectly.

  2. Hi Asiya! I too don't like to sit around and have nothing to do. I was like to be busy and have something going on! I love the quote that you used for Frederick Douglass, it shows that even if you feel trapped there is always a way to be free and escape. I love the quote and really shows a powerful Douglass was with his words.

  3. I agree with your thoughts on both Fredrick Douglass and the poem by Frances Harper.

    In regards to Fredrick Douglass, when you read you are taken to different lands, different worlds and through the limited window of how the author presents their story it does give you a sense of how the characters act and feel. In turn makes you think of what you can learn from the story that you are reading. Be it fantasy or non fiction, there is always something that can be learned mentally, physically and spiritually. After all, that's one of ways we grow not only as individuals but as a society.

  4. Keeping busy helps me a lot too because just like you said, I also do not like to sit around and have nothing to do! I agree with you that the Frederick Douglass quote you used was a true statement because in that time it was very special to know how to read and write. He most definitely felt free after learning.

  5. I think one of the most important things when it comes to reading poems is having the ability to feel what the author is saying. I read a little bit of that poem, and you're very right. You can actually feel all of the authors emotions, its a very moving poem. I liked it very much too.


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