Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem by Liz Williams

The remarkable steps in which Philippe Petite took in order to achieve his dreams are more than noteworthy, however the steps that he took between the Twin Towers are ones of magic. My poem describes the steps that he took, the audience that he had gazing up at him and the extreme emotion that went into this extreme endevour. I decided to try and describe the time in which the event happened, my feelings toward it and the incredible outcome.

A Dream as Big as Two Towers
Once there was a man on a wire
Balancing between two towers in the air
Philippe Petite carried his entire life before him
Dancing and smiling without fear
With an echo of more than 1,000 cheering below him
He felt as though he were dancing on top of the world
The velvet coated audience was mesmerized and spellbound
Watching a once in a lifetime view most could only describe with a single word
He lifted the spirits of the New York people
For they had never seen anything like it before
I then realized the significance of his action
He broke down what was then an unimaginable door
Philippe moved with such grace and elegance
I thought as if I were watching a remarkable show
With the gods of wind, tower and wire on his side
Even the police could see his passionate glow
He was overwhelmed with the simplicity of his dream
Having absolute faith in his steps to come
As he walked on air and looked at what he had in front of him
He realized he needed this dream to live, and he devotedly succumbed.

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