Thursday, September 11, 2014

A French Trespasser to an American Hero by Nathan

     For my poem I wanted to keep the same style for each of my lines. I wanted to start the sentence with with either a A or An, and focus on one object at a time. I tried to expierment with my peom and see if I could make my poem enjammed, but when it was finished I wasn't as happy with the results as I was the finished poem. Another style I tried to use in my peom was no punctuation, instead I wanted the lines to be the stopping points for the reader. As par of my revisions I added who stated the quotes in the poem instead of just having the quotes by themselves. In addition I changed some of the words I used to expland the diction and added a few more lines. I hope you all enjoy the poem.
A French Trespasser to an American Hero

A dream to walk in the sky between two buildings
A goal to be a bird among the clouds
An idea that seem impossible
A strategy created by breaking into the twin towers

A complex plan with a bunch of simplicity

An obsession made a reality

 A rope 1,368 feet in the air

A fearless, fun filled, French man

A crowd of people gathered to watch from below

“An echo of people cheering and screaming” says Philippe Petit

A man on a rope for 45 minutes

A rope with a man crossing it 8 times

A view like no other in the world

A call to the police to make sure there is no splat

An officer greeted to a man floating in the sky

“A tightrope dancer because you couldn’t call him a walker” says an officer

A man trespassing on a bird’s land, and the knowledge that it’s time to leave

A crime charged with 14 misnomers, but all charges dropped

A French trespasser to an American hero


  1. I like the way that you described the scene and everything that happened on that day. Really good poem!

  2. Your title, "A French Trespasser to an American Hero" is most defiently true, and very creative! Good work!


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