Saturday, September 13, 2014

poem by Asiya

the poem about Philippe Petite  was good strangely I every wrote and very interested . My poem did not take me so long to write when I watch the video. I wrote in the class quickly I could write the poem. It was good experience to write Philippe made me write more poems. Revising was not hard while you started the poem. You will remember everything in your mind. Seeing someone up in the air, inspiring me, we could do more things. 

Looking Forward Dangerous life

 Philippe climbed New York Twin Tower in 1974.
Everyone though he was crazy, but
He was brave and faithful man.
Seen someone on the cloud,
Makes me emotionless
My hand was shriving.
When he climb on the top on of the building
My heart went down.
Philippe was tire and lack of balance
Imaging he f fall down,
It was sorrow, painful and sleepless.

Philippe moving his legs,
Everyone was in tier mind.
Looking Philippe was walking twin tower like airplane,
Makes me cold like cloud.
He said, “I saw my eyes went red.”
His legs was moving like toddler kid
Doing something like that he put himself a risk of death.

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