Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cameron Watson exploration 4

Part One: Not even looking at the facts and only looking at pictures, Tienanmen Square at the time was not the place you wanted to be at.  This was simply a non-violent protest by unarmed civilians.  That's all it ever was going to be until troops with assault rifles and tanks inflicted casualties on the protesters trying to block the military's advance towards Tienanmen Square in the heart of Beijing.  There were students prior to the massacre that had been protecting and occupying the Square for weeks.  It's crazy to see these pictures and read these stories and know that there is this type of cruel malice out in our world.  The most important thing I will take away from this is the fact that these innocent but motivated protestors stood in front of tanks and men with weapons, stood their ground, and even died to defend what they believed was right.  

Part Two:
This picture is one of the most powerful pictures that I could find.  Here you can see the band of protestors that is so strong to the point where they are locking arms.  Letting the army and the armed soldiers that their bond will not be broken and they will do whatever they can to defend Tiananmen Square.

This picture is of the protesters in Hong Kong.  This picture was very powerful because  it shows the streets of Hong Kong filled with a ton of people who are angry and are worried what might happen to their country.  This picture actually has a guy holding up a sign protesting asking people rhetorically if Hong Kong can trust this man?

Part Three: Through the online source www.CNN.com , ISIS has become a huge topic of discussion throughout the world.  ISIS is a rebel group in the middle east that has been constantly capturing and beheading U.S. reporters with no remorse.  Lately this has been all over the news and throughout the world.  This has become a large problem and our President Barrack Obama has been forced to intervene.  It has been considered an act of terrorism and we have recently discussed bombing areas where ISIS is potentially located.  This is also a large discussion on www.nytimes.com.  On this website it too gives incentive on what is happening in the middle east and what our country is doing to make sure that no more U.S. reporters are murdered. 


  1. I also agree with you that the pictures from the event were just as strong as the story itself. It showed how dangerous the protesting got. The fact that the students believed in something so strongly that they were standing infront of tanks and men with weapons, goes to show how these students felt and what was going on.

  2. I really liked how you worded your part 1 and I firmly agree with what you said. I also think its very powerful and inspiring how passionate these people were for the cause that they believe in.


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