Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploration Four Caitlin Mashhadian

Caitlin Mashhadian
English 10:30
October 7, 2014
The most important piece of information that I believe should be remembered is on June 4, 1989 about 2 and a half months of protest Chinese troops reach Tiananmen Square and open fire on civilians. This should be remembered because hundreds of thousands of people were killed for standing up to what they believed would better their country. They wanted communism to come to an end and to be a more open politically. They were wrongfully killed for believing that their country would be better for it. To make this more influential you should also remember that a former journalist was put away for 17 years for throwing paint at a portrait of Mao Zedong, which is a chairman to the Chinese Communist party. How the Chinese handled this was wrong and unfair.
Tiananmen Square pictures-

                                     PEACE FOR ALL                                            

This picture taken from the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest. Its emphasize peace and really explains how terrible it was for the Chinese government to kill humans un-rightfully. There was no harm being done but from the Chinese government alone. This photo captivates the idea of a peaceful protest and the idea of an open government. There wasn't violence from the protesters unless brought on by the Chinese military.
Hong Kong pictures-

                                          We know how the Tiananmen Protest ended                      
This picture taken from the 2014 Hong Kong protest. The picture is really powerful. It shows a message that I believe relates to the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest. I believe they are aware of what happened in that last protest and are sending a message to their military and country. It inspires me that even though these people can be killed that they are still fighting for what they believe is right.

So the two sites that I used were CNN and the nytimes. I reviewed articles of the Nurse from Spain contracting Ebola on both CNN and nytimes. The article summarized is about a Nurse who is unsure of how she contracted Ebola. The executive arm of the European Union wanted answers as to how she was able to contract Ebola and why it hadn’t been contained at the source. The nurse came into contact with 22 other sources that have been quarantined. Health care workers said they have not received proper equipment or training to handle an Ebola case. As I’m reading the article in the nytimes I realize that they don’t give as much information as CNN. All you’re getting from nytimes is the story of what happened, but it’s very vague and there isn’t much detail in their writing method. While CNN reports the story but then takes a step further into the details of the political side of things and investigate why the staff may have not been prepared or had the equipment for the Ebola virus. CNN goes further to give a greater explanation so you can understand why this is happening. The use of images of both of these articles were very dramatic, CNN had an image of medical staff wearing protective suits while taking care of a patient who has Ebola while the nytimes had a picture of a nurse gasping in front of the hospital while a bunch of other nurses surround him. These images both play up the dramatization of the article to play up its severity. I think the angle CNN wanted to take with this article is to give the facts of the story but to also give you a deeper knowledge as to why this is happening. I believe nytimes is less informative. I would suggest that if people don’t want to have a deeper understanding of issues then they should read the nytimes.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your exploration. The second picture you chose was my favorite. It showed that indeed the final protest had been finished. This picture is so powerful because the banner says clearly "They Can Kill Us All". That right there speaks volumes and gives viewers a better understanding of how serious this situation was and how serious these protestors were as well. Overall very good and well written!

  2. Great work on your exploration, it was very detailed and I liked your opinion on the subject matters. I really liked your second picture "They Can't Kill Us" I really agree with you in the fact that even though these people could be killed, they are standing up for what the believe in.

  3. I am in 100% agreement with you. I do feel what what in Tienanmen Square was just not right at all. Everybody should have a chance to voice their thoughts and opinions without fear of being shot at or run over by a tank enforced by the very government that was suppose to protect the people.

    I also feel that the statement advertised in Hong Kong was very brave and bold statement that while they are aware of history could repeat itself, yet, they are standing together giving each other strength in numbers and should one person fall, another will rise up and take that person's place.

  4. you did great how you explain Tienanmen square, Chinese troops were killing innocent civilian on the street. they were acting like ignorant people. if they killed all the civilian who they were controlling.

  5. Great exploration Caitlin. I also chose the second picture you chose and for the exact same reasons. It speaks volumes to the military because it shows them that the protesters know what they're capable of but are still willing to fight for what they believe in. I agree with your opinions in part 1 also, my exploration reads quite similar to yours. I enjoyed reading your post!


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