Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration 4 : Mackenzie

Part One:

What really struck me as the most important to remember and learn about these events is the death and casualty tolls.  These people were standing up for what they thought  to be right, and their government ordered the military to go in with guns and get their people off the streets.  They fired gunshots and created many causalities and deaths because the government was fighting back.  I see that as something so unbelievably terrible, that the government would fight back to that extent.  These people were the governments people, and the government was treating them like terrorists because they wanted to see a sort of change in their lives.

Part Three:

The Malaysian airline story has impacted the world internationally and most are extremely confused.  As many know, the Malaysian flight 370 never landed and was believed to have changed direction during flight.  This flight was never found, and is still remaining a mystery as people continue to search for this flight.  The people working on this are stating they are finding a digital map of what they believe to be the relative area of where the airline may have crashed into the ocean.  They are sending types of systems down to the bottom to evaluate what is believed to be down there, it is far too deep for people to go into, the pressure would kill.  The angle of the New York Times article was to really inform the people about what they are doing over there in order to find the missing plane and passengers.  While CNN started to elaborate a bit like that before taking a turn on explaining about the ocean and its depths.  The differences are that CNN focuses a bit more on what lies on the ocean floor, while NYT really focuses on the missing of the flight and what they are doing to find it.  Both websites shared specifics of where the people are looking and what they are looking for, along with details about the equipment being used. 

Part Two:

I believe this picture speaks for itself in the sense that signs are explaing what these people want and deserve.  The people even brought their baby in a stroller.  These people were not missing out on the chance to fight for their freedom.

The photo explains how bad the people were being brutally beaten, all these people wanted was a change, and they were beaten for wanting that change.  This tells us how strong and willingly these people were to fight for their cause and freedom.  They are standing even after being beaten and shot at.



  1. I also chose one of the pictures that you have, and I felt that it did show that they weren't going to give up and they'd continue to fight for their rights even if they were being harmed. I also like the new article you picked!

  2. Your review about the two articles about the missing Malaysian flight was very interesting. I have seen a lot about this plane missing in the news and i have heard about it possibly crashing into the ocean. However, I would like to read the CNN article because I feel that what lies on the ocean floor might be interesting because I haven't heard anything about that topic yet. Your summary of the situation made it seem very interesting, good job!

  3. I really like your second picture. It is a bit shocking but really really gets the point across. It shows how bloody and bad the protest became. It is also terrible looking at the death tolls and casualties.


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