Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exploration 5 by Rishat Ahmed

 1. The most effective character in the book to Ishmael was definitely Esther. At this point of the book, Ishmael lost all love. He already had lost the love and acceptance of his family, and now at UNICEF, he is no longer feeling the acceptance from the lieutenant. Esther helps Ishmael to retrieve his hope for love.

2. I feel Ishmael is going through a lot in rehabilitation. His brainwash during his time as a soldier is really affecting him later on. In the rehabilitation center, he still acted like a soldier even though he wasn't anymore. He treated everyone like his enemies. He kept the mentality of "kill or be killed". It is definitely possible for him to become "normal" again. It will just take some time. The rehabilitation center proved he's getting better. I would personally not let him move into my neighborhood until he is fully recovered. It will take some more time.

3. An important convention of narrative was shown in the passage where Ishmael shares the story of his bullet wound to the nurse. The sense details he wrote about were astonishing! It shows that the pain he had from those wounds lasted so long, he's able to write about it in so much detail as if he's experiencing the pain while he's writing the book.

4. An important paragraph in these chapters is the paragraph Esther gives Ishmael the rap cassettes and a walkman. This paragraph shows to be a turning point for Ishmael's cognition. It gives hope to Ishmael that love is still existent. If there was any proof why Ishmael was becoming more closer to his previous child-like self rather than the soldier-like boy, this event is it.

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