Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration four, Benjy Fournier

Part one:
It was very impressive how a group of students protesting grew into thousands.  What I found most interesting is the fact that about 16 days after the protest, the Chinese government halted all American news coverage and stated that no pictures of the event or troops were allowed.  Then, 3 days later, in the middle of the night, Chinese troops began open firing on these protesters.  The fact that a country can get away with that in our relative time is both terrible and scary.

Part two:
Tiananmen Square events
This is an image of local bystanders helping to rush the people who were injured by the military, when they opened fire, to the hospital.  This tells us that not only did the military open fire on civilians, they also left them to die on the streets.  This is effective because it shows how truly terrible the event was and how heartless the actions of the military were

Hong Kong Protests

This is an image of the protesters in Hong Kong.  I chose this because these people know how the government handled the Tiananmen situation (with murder).  They are now showing that they are staying strong and that the government can not kill them all.  I think this is a very powerful message that should be well respected.

Part three:
These both give easy to understand facts about the ebola virus.  This is a virus that is ravaging West Africa and has a few cases involving people from the U.S.  The CNN report lists fast facts to help understand the virus.  The NY Times article gives a timeline of the events from the beginning of the ebloa outbreak.  The similarities are the fact that they both inform about the ebola outbreak.  I prefer the NY Times article over the CNN article because it gives info in a timeline form so I can understand the facts and when they happen.


  1. I also looked over the ebola articles and enjoyed the NYTimes more because it described the events in depth while CNN just gave a vague description of what was going on. Great choice of pictures too. It shows the unity of everyone who was helping with the cause.

  2. I really like the images that you chose, they were really effective and I like the way that you described them. I also chose to do an article on the spread of Ebola from both CNN and the New York Times.

  3. I agree with you that the first image you chose was very effective. It showed how hurt these protestors were and how the military just left them there. I think that is horrible of the military to do such a thing. It does show how heartless the milutary was.

  4. Benjo,

    I really like your picture "THEY CANT KILL US" I also thought about how the people in Hong Kong are aware of the past issues in Tianmamen Square, but still stood their ground and stood for what the believed in. Great work!



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