Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration Four: Chazz

The thing that struck me as most important from this event was that the protests were student-led, and that it was triggered by the death of Hu Yaobang, a former Communist Party General Secretary. It shocked me at how many people attended this protest. There were about a million people who gathered in Tiananmen Square, protesting for their democratic rights. Another thing that caught my attention was how the military was declared to clear the square of the protesters, and how they opened fire on some of the students, and caused some deaths and others to be wounded. These students were unarmed and only there protesting for their rights.

This image to me shows how the protesters were not giving up, and continued even if they were wounded. This image is powerful because it shows that the man in this photo and the people behind him are strong and they are not giving up or letting anyone interfere with their cause. I feel that this photo is effective because it shows a point of view of the people inside of the square instead of just pictures of the military invading Tienanmen Square. It shows an innocent civilian who was just there fighting his rights.

Part 3:

The issue that I chose was the spread of Ebola across the world. This issue seems to have become a growing concern to everyone in the world. A current story that is appearing in the news is how Ebola is spreading across Spain because a nurse has been affected.
The article on CNN states that the woman helped treat two Spanish missionaries, both of whom had contracted Ebola in West Africa, one in Liberia and the other in Sierra Leone. Both who had died after she had returned to Spain.

The article in the New York Times states that a health worker, a nurse who has not been identified, was described as being in a stable condition. Her husband and two other people were quarantined, and monitoring was extended to another 50 who might have come into contact with her. The nurse contracted the illness while treating a Spanish missionary who was infected in Sierra Leone and flown to Carlos III Hospital in Madrid.

Both articles talk about a unnamed women who has came into contact with the Ebola disease. The differences in the articles however, is that in the CNN article it says that she was helping two missionaries, but in the New York Times article it says that she was just helping a missionary. The New York Times articles seems to go more into detail about how the relatives and others were quarantined to see if they were infected.

New York Times


  1. I thought that first picture was the most powerful one out of the two. Here you have like you said a student led protest with a man who is probably in his twenties, bleeding really bad. Fighting for his right to freedom and a democratic government results in this? That's absolutely insane. Overall good job with the exploration. I was interested from beginning to end.

  2. I found what you to said to be most important to be really powerful. I think that the protesters were wrongfully killed and clearing the Square in the manner that they had is unjust. People should be able to fight for a better democracy and no man should die for his beliefs. I believe that the protesters on that die that were killed should be remembered as noble citizens. I believe what you said to be an important aspect to remember!

  3. I think your picture was a great choice. We can see that they are being attacked based on the injuries but they continue to fight for what the believe. I also think it is interesting that the man is seen holding a helmet of an officer who was probably fighting against the protesters. It is a good way of mocking those fighting against them.

  4. I also did my part 3 on the Ebola virus, I found the story very striking to me... the fact that the United States is a country which is normally viewed as a country with healthcare advancements. Very serious issue at hand, and I think that people should be very aware of that.

  5. I like the picture that you used. It really does show how the protesters didnt give up and kept fighting even with that amount of blood on their shirts. Good job with this exploration.


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