Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploration Four By Nathan N.

     As I was reading about the Tienanmen Square the biggest thing that stuck out to me was the violence. Violence is a terrible thing so anytime people are killed or wounded it always sticks out. An estimated 250 people were killed in the Tienanmen Square protests consisting of college students, professors, soldiers, and police. Not only did 250 people loss their lives in this protest but another 7,000 people were wounded. Another shocking aspect of these protests was the military. The military used tanks and machine guns on unarmed civilians. This was a tragic event.

This photo captures the violence and rage that the protest left on the people and what they suffered because of this rage, but it also shows the protestors were willing t die for their cause.


This is a picture from the 2014 protests in Hong Kong it shows that the people are willing to die for what they want just like the protestors at the Tienanmen Square.

A topic that is important to us as Americans is the situation in the Middle East involving ISIS. According to two articles one from and they describe ISIS moving into the Syrian town of Kobani near the Turkish boarder. Both articles talk about how this is a major move for the ISIS group because they are capturing land and moving closer to Turkey. The CNN article used a video to show the violence that took place while the New York Times article used photos of the bombing to show the violence. ISIS the rebel group form the Middle East have been moving to closer and closer to a state of war with the Turkish and Syrian government. As Americans this is extremely important to us because it could mean that the U.S. military can move back into the Middle East soon. ISIS in some ways is a protest group just like the group in Hong Kong, but the two group obviously use two different tactics, one peace and the other war.


  1. I like the pictures that you chose to use for this blog post. The first one of the picture of the bodies really shows how horrible the event really was, rather then just reading about it.

  2. We chose the same picture for our Hong Kong protest. I think that it's cool how we shared the same view of how powerful the picture is. I believe that they created that sign because they knew what happened in the Tiananment Square protest and they are letting their country know that they know what to expect. I believe that they are saying that they are willing to die for what they believe is right. Which in itself is a powerful message.

  3. Tienanmen Square was a tragic event. There is no question of that, I just have to wonder when the government gave the order to go there and break up the protesters by any means necessary. I have to wonder what was going on the minds of the soldiers. I know that once they received an order that they have to follow it. I read that there was a few soldiers that did refuse the order and they were " purged" for it. But I feel bad for the soldiers who were forced into killing all those people simply because that was the order that they were given aqs they did not have any other choice.

    It does appear that we have chosen the same image as representation of the strength and bravery of the Hong Kong protesters. It definitely was a inspiring to see from all angles.

    I agree with your thought process behind the ISIS and the protesters in Hong Kong are both trying to achieve something that they feel will better the lives of every one. However, ISIS is using war and fear to get their point across, Which brings to question if the cost will justify the means that they are taking in order to get what they want. The better question would be is how to get them to stop long enough to make them realize that they are doing more harm than good. Unlike the people in Hong Kong who only want to be listened too and taken seriously to making the steps toward change.

  4. I think everyone found it mind boggling after realizing how the military went about handling the Tiananmen Square protest. I was really interested in your Part 3 of this assignment, I had no clue that the ISIS impacted our US military, very interesting--and to some degree good news. Great post Nathan!

  5. I think that the pictures you chose to use for this article really grasped what was going on in the world then, and what is going on now. The fact that these people are willing to die for their causes shows how much they truly care for this.


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