Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploration Four by Amanda Bracey

Part One: What struck me as the most important to remember and learn about this event was the protesters were gathered in Tiananmen square after the death of liberal reformer Hu Yaobang. A lot of the protesters were merely college kids who wanted to mournOthers wanted to make a point to the government that they did not want to be oppressed.  I feel at some point it during the seven weeks that the protesters were out there that things could have gotten out of hand a little hand, but still seems a excessive to use military force on unarmed civilians. I also find it just a little odd that the numbers for the death toll and the amount of officers who brought in to handle the protesters  seemed to be all an approximation instead of actual fact. However, I would think that the Chinese government would take those numbers to their graves rather than release the information.  Which is kind of sad considering that there will be parents and relatives  who will go on their entire lives not knowing if there kid was there that day and the countless officers who were "purged" just for being sympathetic to the protesters, 
Part Two:   
To this day, Chinese government denies using excessive force during the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. The picture is from the China Times. depicting the aftermath of those hurt in the path of the military. Unarmed protesters being biked to the hospital after being shot Yet, according to the history channel, the Chinese government billed the families of the protesters in order to recoup the cost of the billets that the military used in order to shoot defenseless people. So, if it was not excessive, then why was the government trying to get their money back? and why were there so many dead afterwards? 


In this picture, the term excessive is being using in a positive light were the protestors of Hong Kong are using big, bold printed words in terms everyone can understand In order to get the point across. I thought the use of simple words was a genius move on their part considering that words alone if said correctly can be just as powerful as TNT. Combine that with a large group of people who all share your goals and ideals has the potential to change a nation.

Part Three: 
I choose the world news of North Korea and South Korea actually talking to one another hopefully heading to the goal of peace. CNN and the BCC News along with the rest of the world is covering this tremendous event.  
 Both sources agree that North and South Korean have been a odds with each other on and off since World War II. Their animosity toward each other got worse during the Cold War.  So, for 69 years the two have not been able to see eye to eye on anything. However, recently the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un has not been seen in the public for about a month, believed to have fallen ill.  Now his two top ranking officials go to South Korea to re start talks of peace.    
This is point the where CNN and BCC news seems to differ in story. CNN gathers the opinions of others who think that this move is a strategic in nature and that North Korea is only making nice as they see a greater need that only South Korea can fill. Questions then get stirred up concerning if Kim Jong Un still in power? or is someone else pulling the strings.  The BCC takes on a semi positive outlook that North Korea economic troubles is what is driving North Korea to speak with South.  Yet, I feel that both sources are missing the fact that North Korea has large missiles aimed at South Korea. Is it possible that South Korea is going along with the talk, to avoid being blown up?


  1. i like second picture how they were confident, they said" they can't kill us."Hong Kong has more confident than Tienanmen square.

  2. I like the pictures used. Especially the second one, it really shows the lengths these people would go to. Also the first picture shows how much the people were willing to help each other out.


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