Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration Four by Courtney Shaffer

 Exploration Four:

Part I
Something that struck me in reading about the Tiananmen Square protests what the fact that we see protesting every where around the world, daily, but consequences like this are unusual. I feel as almost every time I watch the news or read news articles there is something about students protesting, teachers, or what I hear about most and see are college students protesting on campus's. These were mostly young students protesting for greater democracy and at least three hundred were killed, as many as ten thousand arrested. This struck me because I when I'm seeing or hearing protesting nothing like this ever happens to the young adults or children.

Part II
This image is powerful and effective because it shows how young these kids are that are protesting. Their age is important because one, they are being killed so young. But more importantly look how hard they seem to be sticking together to try and fight for something they believe in. Not all kids at this age feel so strongly about something and are willing to put themselves out in such a dangerous situation for something that they believe.

This recent image from the Hong Kong protests is effective because it once again shows us how hard these people are fighting towards what they want. Compared to the photo above from the Tiananmen Square protests this these images are important because this photo actually shows the people forcefully fighting with police, unlike the photo above. It's important to notice this because they are not doing that above and that is when all the people were being killed and arrested.

Part III
I used CNN and The Wall Street Journal to research current news on ebola. Both of the internet sources summarize the story on a women in Madrid, Spain with Ebola. She started to have a high fever on September 30th, and had two tests to confirm the disease. It is unknown how she got it though, which they are working to figure out. The women is a nurse's assisant and has helped to treat two others with Ebola. The sources handle this topic differently. The CNN article explains this women's case and how they are working on trying to figure out who she got the disease from and how. This article goes very in depth with this matter and talks about different people who are suspects. The second internet source, The Wall Street Journal, also starts by summarizing the women's case, but they go in depth with how they are handling the situation. They talk about where she is, and how she is isolated from hoping to not give others the disease as well. A similarity would be how both of the articles start by talking about this women being a health-care worker and how she has been around two others with Ebola in the hospital. The Wall Street Journal internet source includes a picture of the Hospital De Alcorcon.


  1. I think both images you chose were also very effective. The first one shows how everyone is coming together and sticking together for what they belive in. The second one shows how strongly the protestors felt about the topic. The protestors are fighting aganist the police. Both pictures represent what is going on during the protests.

  2. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Tiananmen Square protests because I too think it's amazing how different protests can be around the world. With protests in the US, people can say whatever they want really and no one is killed. Unfortunately things are different elsewhere and can be killed. Also, great choice of pictures. It shows the amount of unity even with the children who are fighting for what they believe in.

  3. I love how you talked about the age of most protestors. It does seem like that most protestors are just college students or only a bit older. I think your pictures do a great job at representing the age of the protestors in both generations. It shows that young people will fight for what they believe in and they will stick together to make whatever they believe in happen. Great job!


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