Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration 4: Alexis Evans

Part One:
The most important thing to remember about the event that happened in the Tiananmen Square in 1989 was that it was all Chinese students who were protesting and that it was all started to demand the rehabilitation of the former Communist Party Chairman. I think this is important to remember because the people that are protesting are people who are our age and I couldn't imagine joining together with thousands of people to start a protest.
Part Two:
I think the picture to the left is a powerful picture from the Tiananmen Square in 1989 because you can really see how many students are protesting and it really is a large amount of people hard to control. This tells us about the event that many people were involved and it was a huge event in time for the Chinese. 

I think the picture below is a powerful image from this weeks Hong Kong protest because it not only shows there is a lot of people protesting but that there is young children protesting as well which is weird because I wonder if they even know what they are actually protesting about. This picture tells the readers about the Hong Kong event going on currently, that people from a variety of ages are showing interest in the subject. 
Part Three:
The current news story that I chose to look at was two articles about the 43 students missing now in Mexico. The students were reported missing after deadly clashes with the police on Sept. 26, when at least six student protesters and bystanders were killed in Guerrero, which is one of the poorest cites in the country. Also found when investigating, was a mass grave containing 28 highly burned and dismembered bodies. The prosecutors had now arrested 22 police officers after these incidents, saying the officers are working for a gang. The difference between the two articles is that the New York Times had more quotes from all different kids of people, as The Wall Street Journal had a more informational approach to it, having facts and percentages throughout the article. The similarities between these two articles is that they are both pretty long in detail and include some pictures making both the articles more sentimental to readers.  



  1. I really enjoyed the first picture. The streets are covered with people good and bad. The good trying to protect and peacefully protest in the Tienanmen Square. The bad being the army and the violent individuals who are trying to remove these protestors in any way that they can. This was one of the better explorations that I read and the whole thing was very well put together!

  2. The picture that you used for the Hong Kong Protests was also making me question whether or not the kids actually know what they are protesting for! If they DO in fact know what they're protesting for, then I think that just proves that the Hong Kong Government is effecting all kinds of age ranges. I thought that picture was a great example! Nice touch.

  3. I have not heard of the story about the missing people in Mexico. That's crazy, you would not see something like that happen around us. That's really sad I can't believe something like that would actually happen. That was a good story to choose to talk about.

  4. I really was intrigued by your last part. The fact that the people that are supposed to be protecting their cities are the ones harming them is really disturbing to hear about. How could you become an officer and then work for a gang. That just seems wrong to me.


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