Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Exploration 4: Jill Reed

Part 1. 
After researching the events of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, there were several events that were important to remember. The biggest thing that struck me was that just a few college students got together and protested. The protest eventually grew to thousands of students. I think this is something important to remember because the students were standing up to something they wanted and believed in and were trying to make a difference. Another thing that stood out to me was the amount of deaths that were followed by the protesting. 
Part 2.                                                                         
Students protesting for what they believe in
I think this image is important because it shows the vast amount of students that came together. The students were fighting for that they wanted and what they thought was right. If people come together they can try to change something. It shows that even being young adults, the students can have opinions and believe in certain things.

Man being pepper sprayed for fighting for what he believes in
Even though this image only shows one person protesting, I still believe that it is a strong and important image. The man is is fighting for what he wants and will not stop or back down. The police are pepper spraying him right in the face and he is still fighting. It goes to show how strongly these people feel about the subject.
Part 3.
I read two articles both about Ebola. A spanish nurse was taking care of a man who had traveled to Africa and had gotten Ebola. The nurse eventually got Ebola and did not know how she could have gotten it. In the CNN article, it talks about how she could have gotten Ebola by taking off her suit and having her glove touching her face. The article also talks about the families dog and how people have become concerned about it and also protesting about putting the dog down. In the second article by the NY Times, they talk about how the woman and husband were going to go on vacation after the patient that the woman was taking care of died. They stated that they did not attend the vacation and instead stayed at her mothers house. Both articles talked about how the woman was taking care of a sick man with Ebola but later on in the articles, they both went separates ways in what they talked about. I think both articles were important and gave good information.


  1. The second picture is one of the most powerful pictures I've seen in these explorations. What is happening over in Hong Kong is crazy and that picture just adds to the chaos formed in the minds of bi-standards. Good job and the rest of the exploration was very well written.

  2. We talked about the same sort of thing for part one. I too was shocked by how the people protesting were a majority of young students. Probably around our age. It's crazy to think about how they feel so strongly about something and are willing to put themselves in a situation like this for something they believe so strongly of.

  3. I think it is interesting that you brought up how the protest started small and then grew bigger. A few people found an issue, decided to rise against it, and the group increased greatly for a cause they believed in. Also the picture of the man getting pepper sprayed amazes me. It truly shows how much the public wants to bring about change even if they will be punished for it.

  4. Hey Jilly! I also found it awesome that the protest started with a few students and grew into thousands. Its crazy that people our age could be gunned down and killed because they were standing up for what they believe in. I also really liked your second picture and caption for it.

  5. I think that the second photo was really powerful as well. Going off what Cameron said, it really is crazy what is going on over there. Macing these college students for what they believe in is both wrong, and harmful. Its the governments way of showing that they control all these people, and I think the more pictures show up, the quicker the world will realize whats really happening over there.

  6. I like your description for your first picture. You explained that just because they are students, doesn't mean they can't fight for their beliefs. You mentioned "if people come together, they can try to change something". That statement can't be any closer to the truth.

  7. i really enjoy reading your pictures and the way you describe the picture.the police was rude and disrespectful, the way he treat the man.


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