Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5: Alexis Evans

1. The character that has meant the most to me so far would have to be Esther. I think she is the next character down most important in the story then Ishmael. She has the attitude of never giving up on something or someone whom I think would be very important to have when dealing in this time period of the Civil War. These boys have gone through a lot, and they need more people like Esther to care about them because most of them haven’t been shown they are cared about since they lost their families. I think it is good that Ismael has someone to talk to, “I only liked talking to her because I felt that she didn’t judge me for what I have been a part of” (Page 166). I believe everyone needs someone like Esther to talk to, because all those memories would be hard to keep to you when it was in fact a part of their childhood.

2. I think the rehabilitation is possible with time. However, it would be scary at first him living in my neighborhood after knowing what he’s capable of doing, but he is just a child and deserves a chance at a normal life. These kids didn’t choose this to be what they did for several years. It chose them, and it was either fight and survive and or to be killed.

3. A specific convention that I thought was important was how Ismael describes and talks about his dreams he has. On page 164, Ismael explains his dream in strong detail. This dream was once again about death. He describes how he falls off his bed and has to walk outside. This was also the first time he dreamt about his family since they were taken away from him. By Ismael explaining to the readers his dreams, it lets us get into his head and feel what he is going through.

4. The passage I picked would be on page 160, “I had told someone, a civilian, about my experience. I hated the “It’s not your fault” line that staff members said every time anyone spoke about the war.” I think this passage impacted me because I couldn’t imagine being constantly told that every time you spoke about the war and basically your childhood. At first, it would probably be good to hear, but after several times I would see where it would get very annoying.


  1. ! agree with your comments. Ishmael's descriptive detail of his dreams and the places that he has been to is captivating. The word choices through out the book is fairly simple to understand as it not only pulls out his perspective the words also give a very real feeling to me. It's as if I am there in Ishmael's body seeing, hearing, feeling everything that he is going through.

  2. I agree with you the passage you pick up your last paragraph, it was good detail for Ishmael, he always mention his felling.

  3. I was bothered reading the quote "It's not your fault" in the book over and over. I can only imagine how annoyed he was hearing it every day.


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