Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Exploration 4 from Bryson

The most important thing from The Tiananmen Square protests, was the fact that the government went as far as searching hotels and controlling the documentation and then hiding it from the public. That is an obvious sign that the government knows what they are doing is wrong, but was now trying to hide what they were doing from the public. The casualties were possible one of the most disturbing and unjustified outcomes of this. A government that people one believed in-- betrayed them. It was to me, just as unjustified as the Holocaust. The number of deaths was not as high but that does not make it any better, these were unarmed, innocent civilians who had their life taken because they believed in a better government and a better form of civilization. The outcome of that day is horrific and violated moral code, not to mention the violation of human rights... especially innocent unarmed citizens. 

This photo is from current protesting taking place in Hong Kong. This sign reads "Freedom is a right not a privilege."  Citizens from Hong Kong believe that they all deserve freedom and equal rights, that they should not have to be granted or earn their freedom. This photo shows and supports the majority of how the citizens in Hong Kong feel right now. 
This photo is from the Tiananmen Square Protesting. This photo is an effective photo because, it shows the sole reason for the protesting. The citizens felt that the government had too much control and that absolute power is corruptive. The Citizens felt that the government had more responsibility to the people, and a higher quality of freedom and life quality.

The current news story I researched was the first patient that died from Ebola in the United States. Eric Duncan was in the Dallas Texas Hospital when diagnosed with Ebola, he was given an experimental drug just like the other patients, but Eric was to far into his illness to be saved. Ebola is an issue that just seems to be more and more heard of every day, but even in a country where there is exceptionally better healthcare, it does not mean that this terrible virus can be cured or prevented any more or less than any other country. Ebola is something that is very serious and an illness that should not be underestimated, if dissevered too late into the illness, the chances of survival are slim.  CNN and The Wall Street Journal are the two sources I used to research the same story. Both of the sources do a great job explaining the story and what happened with plenty of details. CNN had more direct quotes from doctors and family member, where WSJ had more information and detailed description of the virus and the possible outcomes of the virus. 


  1. I also agree with you that the fact that the governement was controlling documents and searching the peoples hotels was important. It did show that the goverenment must have known that what they were doing was wrong. The second image yo chose was very affective. It was straight to the point of what the reason was for the preotesting.

  2. I liked when you described the importance of The Tiananmen Square Protests! When you wrote that, "It was to me, just as unjustified as the Holocaust" I was very captivated. It made me think twice about the overall importance of the protests themselves.

  3. I did part three on Ebola too. We researched two different stories on it though. It's interesting because I also used CNN and WSJ for my story, which was about the women who has just been diagnosed with the virus. I came across the same sort of thing with the internet sources. CNN was more about the details and trying to figure out how she received Ebola while WSJ was more about the virus in general.

  4. The Ebola illness has been a huge topic throughout the world the past couple of weeks. It is scary how such a illness can kill you like that and chances of surviving are so slim. It was interesting too see how different news sorces describe the same illness differently.

  5. I liked how you compared the protests to the Holocaust. I haven't heard that before, and now that I think of it, this event should be as well known as the Holocaust. Good thinking!

  6. Part one of your exploration made me remember how bizarre I also found it that the government controlled the documentation of this protest; I agree with you when you say the government knew what they were doing was wrong! Both your pictures are very strong in the sense of capturing the importance of these protests. In the first picture you chose I love the poster/sign that says Freedom is a RIGHT, not a privilege. I enjoyed reading your post.


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