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Exploration 5: Caitlin Mashhadian

Caitlin Mashhadian
English 1110.3 @10:30
Exploration 5

1. I know that we have only recently discovered Esther in the past few chapters of the book, but I feel compelled to use her as the character that sticks out to me. The reason why she stuck out to me is because she has been so understanding and patient and sweet. It definitely struck my heart strings because these boys haven't been cared for emotionally for a very long time and Esther is so good at providing that to Ismael. A few specific examples of her persistence is taken place on page 154. By this point she's given Ismael the walk man as a gift. She sets up trust between them by having him  come by once a week for a check up and he can always come by the clinic to listen to his music. She takes him and Alhaji to the city for a trip, and is always showing affection towards both boys. She will never give up even if Ismael doesn't show affection towards her. She knows how to help him and understands it will take time. I like Esther because she is the most positive influence on Ismael thus far into the book.Examples can be found on page 161-162-163

2.I feel great about Ismael's rehabilitation. He's made a tremendous amount of progress since he's been there. I believe that with the right influences and help that it is very likely that child soldiers can be rehabilitated. I would be fine if Ismael lived in my neighborhood, he is a human being who is working through his traumatic experiences and is adapted well to the help he's getting from Leslie, Esther, and everyone in the rehabilitation center.

3. On page 157 The second paragraph has awesome sensory detail pertaining to touch. "I do not know what happened, but when I woke up the next day I felt as if I had had nails hammered into the bones of my foot and my  veins were being chiseled." I believe his use of figurative language really emphasizes the way you should feel while reading this paragraph. You are able to imagine how the pain felt by this passage.

4.  My favorite passage can be found on page  177 at the last paragraph when Allie is speaking with Ismeal about their new living arrangement. "I am happy that you will be staying with us, we can share my room." Allie said as we waited for the game to begin. He was older than I was and had finished secondary school. He was jovial and very disciplined. It showed in his manners. He spoke well and to the point. I really enjoyed this passage because I think Ismael needs a good male influence in his life, especially at this point in time in his rehabilitation stage. I think Allie is a great influence and will help Ismael a lot.                        

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  1. I 100 percent agree with all of your points. the sense detail that he uses in this book is very eye opening at times. he definitely has a a way of putting you into his shoes of the moment which for the most part has been interesting and enjoyable to read for me.

    I do feel that Nurse Esther is a very positive person and is very patient with Ishmael even she knows that he does not trust her. I feel that her character is what brought back the joy in Ismael life by helping him remember the kid version of himself before the war. Which I felt was a nice treat for Ishmael after all that he has been through in such a short amount of time.


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