Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploration 4 from Asiya

The million people were protest in Tienanmen Square because they wanted democracy government  They did not like communism party. Students protesting were most massacred. The important things to remember Tiananmen Square was how rude Chinese Military killing innocent civilian on the road. They were using trunk to killing people. They would not even stop their trunk. People were protesting because they wanted their freedom. If they have Democracy government, military would not do that.
part two

It showed us how this people second tired communist party .it was large crowed in Tienanmen Square.  It was important because all this crowed want to be freedom.

This picture showed us how Hong Kong civilians were mad their leadership. You could see this how they said, they cannot trust him. 

part three
I read news Ebola patient died in Dallas. Thomas Eric Duncan was first person died Ebola in America. He came from West Africa two weeks ago   where right spread that disease.  Doctors sent him home when he still sick Ebola disease. Also they give to him late the medicine and it was experiment drug. They did not give him good medicine. Both news   New York Time and CNN were some were same. They covered same news. They told more detail but CNN was explaining more about the patient. Also tell the past life Thomas Eric Duncan. They asked him his family more detail than New York Time. CNN did not use image in their wall only report and news cover the story.

New York Time was using this image when the unbalance took the Thomas Eric Duncan in the hospital.


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  1. Part one: It really scares me the lengths that China went in order to make people do what they want. instead of listening to the very people that they are trying to govern. I can only hope that what happened in Tienanmen Square in 1989 does not happen in Hong Kong.

    Part two: I agree that the protesters in Hong Kong seem to be not only voicing their wants and concerns but are also putting a face and directing their thoughts and feeling to the one of many that is responsible for the way things are now.

    Part three: It is sad to hear about Thomas Duncan. It is true, according to the news, he was at first diagnosed with the flu and then sent home. I still feel that whoever treated him was either not informed or did not know what signs to look for. Which considering that this is the first case of the Ebola virus within the states I am not surprised that they were not equipped to handle the situation. I just hope that the doctor's can figure out a treatment if not a cure for the virus before it spreads.


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