Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exploration 5 by Nathan N.

1. Throughout chapters 14 through 18 I was really able to admire Ester. Ester gave hope to Ishmael and allowed him to move away from the war and back into society. Anyone who has that much courage and strength to help a known killer be rehabillitated back into society, I can really respect. One moment in the book where I loved Ester was when she gave Ishmael the walkmen and rap cassette. That really shows she cares for him and that she wanted to help him. I think thats very special in a person.
2. Ishmael's rehabilitaion is good for him and any other kid that goes through this program. It does work as we can see through this book that Ishmael has written. He went from a innocent kid, to a killer soilder, to back to a normal human again with this program and help from Ester the nurse. I would be fine with Ishmael moving into my neighborhood because I believe that he has changed for the better and would have no problem encourageing his to be his better self.

3. As I was reading I thought Ishmael did a great job using convention of narrative on pages 140 and 141 as he describes the withdrawl symptoms that he is going through. The senses that he desribes about feeling sick are very detailed and are written very well. They help the reader understand the pain of the withdraws that these kids are going through.

4. My favorite part in these chapeters was in chapter 17 on page 154 where Ester gives Ishmael the tape player and the Run D.M.C.. Because he is so happy and it really takes him back to his old childhood with the rap music that has saved his life so many times in the past.

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