Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploration # 4. Fathia Mohamed

Part one:
I think the most important thing to remember is that the Tiananmen Square massacre occurred because College kids were trying to mourn the death of Hu Yaobang, the communist party general secretary. Who was opposed to many things that were going on in the political parties.In the middle of May, there were over 400 protests all in different cities. That’s when the government set out their military and used force against the protesters.

Part two:

This image I think is powerful because this is a side of the Tiananmen Square massacre that they’ve never shown before. Here you see dead bodies lying in the street, while the people who killed them roam on. It shows the devastation that it left, and how no one is trying to help out.

This is an effective photo because it says that the Chief Executive has been lying to his people, which is why his nose has grown so much. The executive is Pinocchio, and the more lies he tells, the longer his nose will grow.

Part three:
I chose to do my research on the Nobel Prize winners. I think its important because everyone knows about the Nobel Prizes, but no one really pays any attention as to why these people won this prestigious award. The article I read on CNN, varied a lot from the one in The New York Times. CNN chose to focus more on how and when the awards were given out, where on The Times, it went into detail about what these people did to receive the prize. One major difference I found was the news was told. In The Times, the news is told from multiple perspectives, its not all one sided. There are multiple people who work on the articles to insure that its not biased. I think since CNN is such a large corporation, its easier for them to just produce articles that are one sided, even if it is biased or not.


  1. I liked the picture that you used for the Honk Kong Protests! I thought it was a very comedic representation of how the Chief Executive has been lying to his people. The relation to Pinocchio is spot on, and I enjoyed reading your exploration!

  2. I like the choice of your photos. They are really powerful with the explanations that you put with them. The first one is really sad while the second one it's interesting to see how there is a sense of humor in it really. Even though the situation is so terrible.

  3. The images that you chose show a lot of meaning to what is going on. I like the picture of Chief Executive with the big nose because of him lying. That is a good way of explaining the problem with a picture. Good blog!

  4. It's interesting how our perspectives are varied. I chose to use CNN and nytimes to read articles on the Ebola crisis. I found that CNN was more effective with sharing details and went more in depth on the situation that occurred in Europe. I thought that nytimes was very simplistic in the news that they shared in their article. But I respect that we both see things differently on the same topic.

  5. I really enjoyed your exploration overall! The best part about it was the first picture. This picture is very powerful and shows the casualties on the side of the road and the tanks in the background. The tanks sort of represent the "culprit" or the ones responsible for the deaths on the side of the road. Great exploration!

  6. I like the last photo that you chose. It kind of made me laugh in a way with the reference to Pinocchio. I also like that you chose articles on something different, and i agree that the NYTimes article went more into detail.

  7. Great exploration Fathia. I thought your second picture was quite awesome, I didn't come across that one while looking for my images. I enjoyed reading your post because I didn't know that the Tiananmen Square massacre happened because of college kids mourning over a death. Both your pictures were powerful and made me want to read what your caption had to say about them. Awesome post!


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