Monday, October 27, 2014

Exploration 5 Asiya

1:Alhaji was one of the characters mean to me, because he was brave guy. He was one of six boys, Always with Ishmael.   He was fighting his own people to defend lie his family. Alhaji was the boy who was at river fetch water when the rebels attacked him. He returned home to find his family, but he found empty house and he shouted his parents name and his siblings. “I wish I could be that me. He is just so happy and content with his life.”  Alhaji was point out how this man is happy his life, how they were struggle and whole country was destroyed. Page (64)
2: Ishmael's rehabilitation was good experience for me. he went through a lot of difficult things, but he made good decision. If you live a world like that way is the only you can survival. I don’t mind if he moves into my neighborhood because i can see he is not bother people without reason. he was defend himself and his family.
3: Muse is one of the characters. who‘s work with Ishmael. He did not mention many things in this book, but one of his conversations was strong detail he used. On the page 81, he said, “It is a holiday. He laughed. You can call it any day want, he continued. But it is not just a day, it is a strange one. I don’t feel too good about it.” Muse said. “Maybe shouldn’t eat this bird.” I like this passage it described how the Muse was Hungry and he did not want eat the bird.

4 on the page 18, he says “the breeze brings the faint cries of those whose last breaths are leaving their mangled bodies. I walk past them. Their arms and legs are missing their intestines spill out through the bullet holes in their stomachs; brain matter comes out of their noses and ear. The flies are so excited and intoxicated that they fall on the pools of blood and die.” It showed to me how brave he is because he seeing all this painful and He still live there fights for himself.  

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