Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Your Own Design- Madison

Exploration of your Own Design

Something that I wrote this semester that I'm proud of is my Misty: Profile Essay. I think I did a good job of including the personal interviews effectively in my essay. I also think I did a good job of establishing the theme of my essay early on in the introduction; it's a self-determined theme. Overall I really enjoyed writing this essay because we were able to write about someone who inspires us and it's easy to write about someone or something your passionate about. Here's my introduction and conclusion to my essay...

(Introduction) Misty Bridges is the hardest working, most selfless, appreciative and giving person I know. Misty has had to work very hard to get to where she is today and without a doubt she’s earned everything she has; and that is one of the many life lessons she’s taught me: nothing’s ever given, you have to earn it. Misty’s work ethic is unlike most. She rarely is one to complain, and always one to follow through with commitments and she isn’t the person that people question whether she’s giving her best effort or not. Misty is one of the most disciplined people I know; through her journey to success, nothing was given to her, she earned it all.

(Conclusion) So to interview someone that didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up; I would sum up that her life has been a success much due to her work ethic. Misty would say it isn’t anything she has done, but instead it has been because of the love of her parents and the support of her husband and children. I’m very lucky to call this woman my mom and use her as an example to live by.

The last subject I'm going to talk about for my last exploration is the movie Facing the Giants. This movie is inspiring in so many ways, especially spiritually. I think this movie is really cool also because a lot of the football movies out there have sexual content, and harsh language. Most football movies are very intense and portray the greatness of what a team really is, Facing the Giants of course does this as well but with such an easy way of making it spiritual too. Even for people who aren't religious and aren't really moved emotionally when it comes to spiritual content I think Facing the Giants is a great message that's easy on the ear for even those who aren't usually moved spiritually. I think Facing the Giants is a great movie for anyone. I think this is worth being "literate" in because the producer did such a great job in delivering the message, and we can learn from it. Here's my favorite scene: The Death Crawl...

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