Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Expo 8- Fathia

I chose to share  the last paragraph from my second essay.
“I believe in death. I believe that deep inside, we are all afraid of death. I realize now that I was not afraid of the dark, I was afraid of death. I believed that if I as in a dark room, then death would soon arrive. I believed that if I shut my eyes for very long, death would come after me. It’s amazing to know that at such a young age I realized this.  My sister’s death showed me that no matter how old or young you are, death will always come. Death is inevitable. There is no one who too good for death. I believe that death shapes us to be who we are. To this very day, I am still afraid of death. Not because of the darkness but all it represents”.
I wanted to share this passage because I think its something that effects all of us. In some weird way, death is one of the few things that everyone all around the world have in common.
One thing I want to share with everyone is on the National Children's Cancer Association. I think its an important understanding because its one of the saddest things in the world. I know there are lots of horrible things in the world, but knowing a little child who has cancer is extremely heartbreaking. I think its important because this organization is helping create a chance for families to stay together, and that's a remarkable

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  1. Thank you Fathia and I totally agree your cause that you share is great. These kids need all the support we can give!


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