Friday, December 5, 2014

Exploration 8 Asiya Mohamud

Exploration  of my own Design

part one 

My best writing I wrote this class was Narrative Essay and Interview essay. Narrative essay wrote me, my grandmother, and my mother. When read this Essay it remembered a lot of things I used do when I was young. The good advice I will never forget was when I came United States and I started school. My mother said, “First time I came to her, this country it is not easy, the only thing you can success was to finish your education.” If you did not complete your education, you will be work unskilled job. That was good advice my mom gave me. I will never forget her advice.

The other one was interview essay; I interviewed my grandfather to know more about his life.  He told me his challenges when he came here. What helped him to become successful? I know it is not easy to come to new country that you do not know their language, but my grandfather was adapting to everything in this country with no problem. He is full with enlightenment and knows to lighten a dull moment.
Part two

My favorite website is Google. This website has helped me research tremendous information. I looked for media and video.   It helps me with any information that I need. When I am having trouble understanding some words I researched it on Google. I look up math formula on Google and help me solve equations. Google helps me survive many of college courses that I am taking. Also Google has Gmail to help to contact my friends and family. 

part three

This is my favorite video, I hope you  guys enjoyed.


  1. Wow, I loved the video you shared. It's very powerful and sends a strong message to anyone that comes across it. Thank you for sharing. I like how both your narrative and the video shared some common themes, it's a wonderful connection of the two pieces. I love writing narrative because it allows for creativity to flow through us with no boundaries, I really liked what you shared!

  2. It is good to remember the past so that you can use it to help to ensure that the past should never be forgotten. I agree with your mom, that if you do not have an education that you will be stuck in this country. Never growing and never bettering yourself. Working at a job that pays very little.

    I remember doing the peer response on your interview paper. Reading about your grandfather and the struggles that he had gone through of being in a strange country and not knowing the language. It was both heart breaking and inspiring at the same time.I am glad that your grandfather did not give up despite everything going on around him. Your level of pride in him left a deep impression on me from your paper.

    I agree Google is awesome. It gives easy access to email and chat options for my phone. On occasion I use it to keep me updated on new books that is being released by one of my favorite authors. I use it for school stuff too, but primarily and admittedly I use it for goofing off and planning my dream vacation. The many uses of Google will never cease to amaze me.

  3. I like that the writing you chose to share was personal, and that it meant something to you. I think that writing about personal experiences is what making writing so much better. I also like what you said about google. I agree in so many ways, and I thought that part of the exploration was very funny. Overall, really good job!

  4. I like how you wrote your interview essay on your grandfather. It really sounds like he is inspiring to you, that's really nice and I'm sure he means a lot to you. I also like how you wanted to share Google with everyone and how you use Gmail to contact your family :) Did you just start using Gmail in English class this year? I did too.

  5. I found it to be very thoughtful of you to write your narrative essay about your grandmother and your mother. Your blog post grabbed my attention when I came across it because of the fact that you said, "Narrative essay wrote me, my grandmother, and my mother. When read this Essay it remembered a lot of things I used do when I was young." This made me smile because I often like to look back in time and reflect on all the things I used to do when I was a younger fellow. Sharing all those things you used to do when you were younger probably made you really happy, and I know the feeling all too well. I really liked your post Asiya, and I wish you the best of luck on your finals, and a wonderful wonderful winter break. :)


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