Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 8: Your Own Design

 Caitlin Mashhadian

1.)This semester I experienced a lot of new writing styles, techniques, and subject matter. I'm proud of all the work I have accomplished in this class. The piece I would like to share with you is the paper I wrote about Rafe, an elementary school teacher who changes the rules of conventional teaching. I really enjoyed writing about Rafe because it was the most positive, enlightening and inspirational writing piece I've done all semester. I was able to create goals for myself within the paper and I think that's really special. "His classroom is decorated with motivational quotes. I noticed that the quote above the chalkboard said 'There are No Shortcuts' and I find that to be an important message to be sending." I like this part of my passage because it's a nice reminder to everybody. "Traveling is an amazing experience and can be educational." This paper taught me things that I wasn't even conscious of at the time. There's so much positivity even when there are moments of doubt, you are able to learn through all experiences. I loved how writing this made me feel loved, inspired, excited, and gave me something to work towards.

2.) I want to share my personal affirmations with you. I wasn't sure what affirmations were when I came across a video on YouTube that was solely based on giving positive affirmations. It struck my curiosity so I decided to inform myself. Positive affirmations are statements which affirm something to be true. This can be anything you want it to be, "You are beautiful, you are confident, you are kind, you are loved, you are caring, you are smart, you are motivated." Repeating these affirmations everyday and other affirmations, can really help your emotional state of being, mental, your self-esteem, as well as the positivity you will radiate. This has a very calming and reassuring effect on myself and I hope that sharing this will help at least one of you.

If anyone wants to learn more about positive affirmations and how to create affirmations of their own here's a link:

I hope this helps you as much as it's helped me!
*Never feel embarrassed for embracing your divine self and radiating your positive qualities.


  1. Awesome. I am glad that you found yourself influenced by Rafe's story. I agree that he was 100% changing the ways of conventional teachings, one class at a time. The care and time that he put into his classes was not only reflected in his current students who were pushing themselves to learn and understand Hamlet. But also with his former students who were not only able to use his teachings as a stepping board to project themselves into better life's for themselves, they managed to give back the same level of support if not more in order the help Rafe continue his goal of helping the kids feel like they are Americans regardless of where they were/who born to.

    I have heard that positive affirmations are suppose to have a positive effect on your overall outlook on life. The more that you feel something is true the more likely that it is true.It's all about perception and strength of the mind. I like them just because it is a better alternative of being sucked into an endless black hole of depression. That is just not a pretty color on anyone.

  2. I like how you explained that your paper on Rafe really moved you, and inspired you in some way, shape, or form. I agree that the video that we watched on Rafe and his class was really eye opening, and I loved the way he was changing those kids lives through reading and writing. I thought you also did well with the rest of the exploration. Good job!

  3. I like how you explained positive affirmations, I found that to be very enlightening and interesting I also really enjoyed your paper you wrote about Rafe and his teaching styles which seemed to be more than effective.


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