Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 8- Justin Cygnor:)

Part 1: Exploration 2

Hey everyone,

I'm Justin Cygnor and my fun fact was that I co-founded an organization called Kids Against Animal Cruelty. I graduated from St. Francis DeSales high school last year and my intended major is Criminal Justice. I plan on going to the Columbus campus next year.

Frederick Douglass is one of the authors who interested me during class. He was a slave but unlike all others, he was educated in English. His mistress taught him the alphabet at the age of 12, but his lessons later stopped when his master found out. Douglass then taught himself, then later to other slaves. I found it interesting that he would read the New Testament to the slaves on Sundays. The popularity grew to the point where he would be speaking to 40+. The meetings were later broken up by other slave owners. Douglass escaped from slavery on his third attempt with the help of his future wife whom had also been an escaped slave. Douglass later became a spokesperson for women's rights and even was nominated to be Vice President of the US.

I chose exploration 2 because it was the first time we had to introduce ourselves to the class. I also enjoyed learning about Frederick Douglass because he was a women's rights activist and an educated slave and teacher with an interesting story.

Part 2

An organization that means a lot to me is one that I started along with my best friend. Four years ago, we started Kids Against Animal Cruelty after learning about the poor conditions of dogs in shelters and the fate they would learn if they weren't adopted in time....death. We started the organization of Facebook and it quickly gained followers up to the current 50,000 throughout the several chapters of the page we have globally. We started following shelters in California, which is where we were at the time, and made connections with the people who would work there. Then we would network the dogs who were close to being sent to the gas chamber after their long stay in the shelter. Thousands of dogs have been saved and sent to their "furever" home with a family that cares. This matters to me because no animal should be treated with neglect and should have caring owners that don't use them as a tool or punching bag. Seeing the before and after picture of the animal after being taken care of is incredible and truly touching. The network shows that a large group of people can get together and make a difference in a life...even if it's not a human life. A person needs to read up and become literate in animal abuse and the shelters of animals, especially the high kill shelters. It is gruesome and will affect the way one thinks of animals if they research more about it.


  1. Good work JC. I really liked the piece of writing that you chose. Still envy you and the fact that you started and organization. Thats awesome and i will be joining you at the columbus campus as well next year we'll have to chill for sure! Good work!

  2. Justin, glad you wrote about your group and I want to support this cause and will keep up with you guys! Thanks for everything this semester and fun to read these last posts.


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