Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7 Asiya

J.D. Roth: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mustachianism
                This article I chose was talking about Mr. Money Mustache how he grew up when he was young. He came from poor family. When his father could find work, he sold staplers and boxes of chocolate bars. His mom was stay home and raises her kids.   Even if they got money one day they used spent it all. They did know not how to save their money.

The One weakness   I found on this blog was he was blaming his parent they were poor when they did not take any loan and they were raising their kids. He was bagging he took loan and after ten years he paid back. It is good to pay his loan but the world they used live his parent and this world totally different. Maybe his parents could not found job that time that is why his father sold candy. But he has opportunity to find job and got the rich. He said, “Some kids might have learned from their parents’ mistakes. Not me. I left home and promptly adopted the same habits. In fact, mine were worse. I had access to credit and personal loans, which allowed me to take on debt something my patents had avoided.”

Overall the reason wrote this article was to become popular. Most of this article I did not agree. He was trying to become little bit fun and smart. I don’t think so this is good way to write professional article.  Most of them what he was saying it was not true.

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