Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 8 Courtney Shaffer

Philippe always said
Dreams are essential.

At 6:00 on Tuesday August 6th
Everyone's eyes were above them
As Philippe was looking down to them
1,360 ft in the air
In between the twin towers

People were looking up at him
In awe
As if he were the father of the twins.

Above, are the first 3 stanza's from my poem that we wrote on 9/11 about Philippe Petite. I chose this to share because I'm proud of it. I like how I had to be creative and completely start from scratch, with all my own thoughts. I would never be the person to write a poem, so I thought it was fun to see myself struggle through this assignment, but it turned out really well.

Something that I want to share with everyone is a news story that a few of you probably saw on the news in the summer, or recently. I will post a link below, but the story is about a lady, Sharon Budd, who was driving to New York with her family in the summer. Sharon's teenage daughter was driving and when they went under an overpass two boys threw a rock down and it came right through the windshield and hit Sharon straight in the face. It's a terrible story. Sharon was in critical condition, she had to have emergency surgery on her brain, and she lost an eye. It's an awful story but one I think is important people hear about. Her family could use a lot of support. It's important to remember how precious life is. Below, is a link the news story that you can read if interested.


  1. Wow, this story is incredibly sad and one that I do not think many people would take the time to read about, which is why I appreciate you sharing it with us. I for one did not see this in the news and found this very alarming and the boys who were involved in this heinous crime should be brought to justice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am very taken back by that news story, I feel as though that should have been brought to more attention and there should be justice for those boys. I definitely did not see this in the news so I am a quite a bit taken back by it and wish that more people have heard about this.

  3. I had also seen this story in the news. It is terrible to hear about these kind of things but it is important that we educate ourselves and others so we can prevent these kinds of things from happening again. I know of a lot of other people that have not seen this sad story and I will be sure to spread it, just like you did here.

  4. Its crazy that I have never heard anything over such a sad story. It really does show you how precious life really is. Hopefully this tragedy will never happen to someone and their families again.

  5. This sounds like a tragic story, some of the things we hear in the news sometimes sound bizarre but once we realize crazy, bizarre things can and do happen it becomes reality and you're right, it does make us take a step back and appreciate life in a whole different way we ever did before, I enjoyed your post and will definitely be reading this article. Good luck to you in all you do.


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