Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 7 Cameron Watson

 How to go from Middle-Class to kickass

        I chose the blog titled "How to go from Middle-Class to kickass." I really enjoyed this blog and Mr. Money Mustache's approach. Many people in this world are categorized as "middle-class" meaning they are not poor and living paycheck to paycheck, but again they aren't retiring early. A middle-class man posted on the blog asking for help with not only making money but spending that money wisely and make smart expenditures. Mr. Money Mustache's response was that if you take a look at the two types of people, middle-class and kickass you will see that the kickass people too are middle class but just spending their money more wisely and making choices such as riding a bike to work that are more affordable and essentially cheaper. Overall, Mr. Money Mustache's goal is to eventually see a lot more "ass kickers" in the future and he believes that there will be.
       I thought that a big strength that was seen in this blog was the amount of knowledge and facts that were presented.  A lot of times people who write blogs tend to have a lot of opinions one way or the other on things.  Mr. Money Mustache presented evidence for as to why he feels the way he does and in the end provides a table that only helps not only his reasoning but viewers as well reading his blog.
      "All in all, I would have earned at least $1 million since then. And assuming Mrs. Money Mustache had kept working, she would have earned close to that amount as well. $2 million before tax, which would have gone straight to the bottom line and compounded since income from investments was already covering our expenses as of late 2005." This quote was interesting because he's sort of bragging but at the same time he is trying his best to give an example of how he has lived his life and the ring things he has done versus the wrong things he has done.  
    "Since the Mr. Money Mustache identity has become quite a fun little part of my life, I let some of them in on this secret of what I’ve been doing with my free time. But invariably, when you talk about early retirement with a person who gets by on a high middle-class income, they become baffled by how small things like riding a bike or understanding electricity consumption can make such a big difference."  With this quote he then leads in to describing the difference between middle class and kickass.  Riding a bike to work as opposed to driving to work is the "kickass" approach and in the long run will be very beneficial.  
     The people that would enjoy this article the most are people that are worried about going down hill and ending up living unhappy and in a life of poverty.  The big thing that can be taken away from this article is that people who want to change their lives around have a chance to do so at any given time, they just have to have the right guidance and just need a little push. 


  1. I love your post and how these supposedly kickass people are great and understand the concept of money and how to spend it wisely. I agree with your strengths and how he provides knowledge.

  2. Great post Cameron! I think this is a great concept and something that a lot of people could benefit from. MMM did a great job explaining this concept in layman's terms that merely everyone could understand and relate to. The post also has a great title which is a huge way to draw the audience in and then read and analyze the information given. Great post, and good job summarizing the information.


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