Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 7- Justin Cygnor

Get Rich with Craigslist

This article was written by a man who speaks from experience about the usage of craigslist. It clearly states exactly what a person does when they have things that aren't useful anymore just cluttering the house. A person either throws it out, leaves it in the basement until the time comes for a garage sale, or leaves it to be sold to someone at auction after the owner dies. The article talks about how effective it is to avoid those actions and how to make money for those things instead. Just to receive some extra cash in your pocket, it doesnt hurt to try and take a picture of an item and post it. Chances are that the item will sell if its for  fair price, but if not.. it was worth a shot. The article also discusses how craigslist can be used as an "item holder". A person can sell a car or bike which isnt in need at the time, but  couple years later when you need one of those things, you can just get on craigslist and buy another for a cheap price. The article then ends with solid advice on how to make a smart post and how to sell.
The first strength that I noticed while reading was that it was well written by the author and the person who was speaking from first hand experience. He knew exactly how to get the message across by highlighting the positives of selling and buying on craigslist. Any person wants to learn how to save money so as the author spoke, it sounded like a great way of helping your bank account. The author states, "A high-quality front-loading washing machine and dryer set costs about $1200 new these days at a store. On Craigslist, you’ll pay $400-$500 for a very similar set that is just a few years old."
The one weakness I found in the article was that it never talked about the negatives of the website. Buying and selling on craigslist can be dangerous. On the news, one can find that people will find victims on the site. A person can meet somewhere with the mindset that they are buying tickets but may actually be walking into a trap. The article never warned of this.
The people that would enjoy this article would be those who want to make money and save it..which is mostly everyone. Although some people may not want to be involved with craigslist due to their caution from hearing of the dangers of it. Also people may not like having used things, not knowing its exact history. Personally, I use craigslist for ticket purchasing only but I am also very cautious about it. I enjoyed reading this blog because I was able to relate to it.


  1. Your article seemed very interesting. People don't realize that they could easily make a few bucks on craiglist with their belongings that are just laying around that they don't use anymore. It is also helpful to save money because you could buy things for cheap. My dad also use craigslist for buying tickets if he wants to go to a blue jackets game last minute.

  2. Great post, with a tremendous point. Craigslist is a very useful tool and most people do not take the time to realize that they can profit from old belongings that serve no purpose to them anyone. Great job summarizing your article, with lots of detail and information from MMM's post.

  3. great post. I am an avid user of craigs list so i was very interested when I saw your post. You seemed like you put a lot of thought and effort into this. It is amazing what can be sold and bought on craigs list and I am living proof.

  4. this article is very interest many people don't know how to save money. i learned many way to save money. some people when they did not have enough money they buy expensive things.


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