Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 8 my own design

      I decided to share a piece of writing from early in the semester, exploration 2 to be exact.  This was the one where we had to share a little bit about ourselves, something that made us different and something that not many people know about. "Hey everybody! Once again my name is Cameron Watson and I am a commuting freshman with hopes of transferring to the school of business on Ohio State's main campus.  My fun fact is that when i was younger my family and I went to Hawaii for a week and during that time I learned how to surf!" " The word gloom originated between 1300-1350.  It is considered Middle English and perhaps represents Old English as well.  A sentence I have made for this is word is,  The news of this crushing blow cast a gloom over Germany, which was again suffering from the attacks of many countries that surrounded this the homeland." These both were from a very long time ago and now looking at my most recent writing, it has improved tremendously.

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