Thursday, December 4, 2014

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Getting Rich from Zero to Hero in One Blog Post

This blog by MMM basically explains how to save up enough money to be able to retire earlier than most people. MMM claims that he is much more financially stable than those who make much higher incomes than him. He explains that by saving more of your income, you will be able to retire much quicker.

He uses his personal life as an example to his claim that saving more means you can retire much quicker. He says he saved 66% of his income.

He also gives methods on how the reader can do the things he did. His methods are very effective and realistic. He explains that you can lose all the "luxury" items such as expensive TVs, cars, and cell phones. He claims that you can save up a lot more and minimize your bills by cutting down on these things.

I believe this blog would be very popular because of the fact that it tells people how to retire earlier, and be rich. I'm pretty sure everyone wants to be rich and not have to work very long. I personally don't think I would be able to follow his tips on losing all the luxury things. In my lifestyle, I get happiness from my personal items such as my phone which I use to communicate with my friends effectively, my 70 inch TV which I absolutely enjoy watching soccer on, and hopefully in the future, a nice, fast car. In my opinion, money doesn't buy happiness, but it buys things that buy happiness. I realize that not everyone is like me, so to them, they will absolutely benefit the most from this article.

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